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Soul Awakening

Taking Care of No.1

Do you make time to take care of yourself? Or do you put everyone else first, leaving you with no time or energy to do things for you.  After all that’s what being a good parent, carer, partner, good friend means, isn’t it? Well, actually……… NO – and here’s why….. You know when you go…

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The Musings of a Nomad

  7 Things I’ve Learned Living ‘On The Road’! Well who’d have thought it? This true through and through Taureen, who adores her home, (after all its a Taureen’s castle), who loves to have and create a beautiful space that nurtures, relaxes and stimulates me, has been living out of her car for 9 months…

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What Are Your Soul Gifts & Purpose?

Feel lost and don’t know where you are going or deeply frustrated not knowing what you are ‘meant to be doing’ in life to fulfil your soul purpose? To read about the Special Soul Gifts and Purpose Reading ONLY available during the 8-8-8 Lion’s Gate Ascension Portal – 26th July – 12th August, 2015 click…

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Where Is Home?

When I was growing up I didn’t always find the ways of the world easy to understand, albeit I was only young, but still it was as if I was viewing life from a different perspective than most of the people who I was surrounded by, friends, teachers, peers and, perhaps most importantly, my parents.…

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