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Soul Awakening

Re-Ignite Your Soul Connection

A 1-Day Workshop

Jhadtens soul picture

Artwork by kind permission of
Jhadten Jewel:

Come and re-ignite your connection to your Soul, that part of you that is a divine spark of Source, God, Universe - the part that is the very essence of who you truly are.

Through guided visualisation and meditation you will :

  • Release a 'personality' related obstacle that has been preventing you from evolving and living from your Soul's perspective, on your Soul Path.
  • Meet and play with the Solar Light to assist you in expanding your consciousness
  • Journey to the Soul Plane to meet and connect with your Soul
  • Receive your Soul's love, healing, guidance and support - so that you may be more fully and more consciously on your highest path and purpose.

This day can also be taken as an introductory, or taster, day to the  'Living Your Soul Love' Course.

To Book

If you are drawn to this day please contact me for further details.