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Soul Awakening

Energy Clearing Prayer

The original of this Prayer was given to me by my healing Mentor, Margaret.  It has since evolved and has been shared with many of my friends, clients and students who have found it to be profondly healing and clearing.

It is a wonderful way to clear and set the energies in preparation for: meditation;  working with clients; at the start of a course or workshop.  It can also be used to clear energies that feel dense, intrusive or dark.

It is perfect too, to use in the holiday season when we spend extended time with family which, for many,  can be challenging!

I have included within brackets additional words if you are saying the prayer to clear both yourself and a location, and this would include everyone who is in that location too.

“In the presence of the Divine I ask that I, (this room and this building), be searched throughout my (our) being, cleansed and rinsed through with Divine Love, so that each and all may come into their alignment, fine tuned and synchronised.purification-mandala

I ask that any energies, that do not hold the intention for the highest good of all, be dealt with according to Divine Law, and that they be held within Divine Love. That they be assigned Masters and Teachers, Angels and Guides,  to assist them in recognising the Divine Godspark within.

I ask that any and all entities, energies or intelligences wishing to pass to the light, or to their next level of initiation, be guided to do so with ease and Grace and every assistance to fulfill their potential.

I affirm that this has been done throughout all directions of time, space, non-
space, dimensions, levels and realities.

And so it is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”