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Grounding – What Is It And Why Is It So Important?

Grounding is the process of physically connecting ourselves to the Earth, to planet Earth. It means being firmly rooted.

Ok! But……

Why is Grounding So Important?

Well, let’s look at it first from a scientific perspective.

If you think about it we are electrical beings, right! Parts of our body communicate through ‘electrical’ impulses. Now if you add that to the fact that we are made of approximately 70% water, then hopefully you can begin to understand why ‘grounding’ (‘earthing’) is so important!!!

As you might know, we’re made up of energy fields and those energy fields can acquire an electrical charge if we go about our day-to-day life disconnected from the Earth. Most of the time this is almost unnoticeable, until you touch something metal and you get an electric shock! That’s because you’re not grounded, or earthed.

Our natural state is to be electrically neutral, having no charge whatsoever, neither positive or negative and in order for our bodies to function at an optimal efficiency it needs to have no charge, it needs to be neutral, in its natural state.

Grounding neutralises any electrical charge so that our bodies can operate at peak efficiency.


From an Energetic Perspective

Now, if we look at it from an energetic perspective, then grounding is the way we connect to Mother Earth and I see Her as our Divine Mother, the true Mother. The Mother who can love us unconditionally!

Mother Earth offers us so much. She provides our energetic body with a form of sustenance (which much of humanity doesn’t understand yet!), that we just don’t get from any other source.

She also sends, and holds us in her healing energies of unconditional love, cleansing and clearing. She sends her messages, and in particular the Divine feminine energies that are rising now. We access deep profound wisdom by connecting with Her.  If we use the computer analogy, we get our operating system ‘upgrades’ by connecting to Her.

Grounding also offers us the opportunity to access life supporting energy that our ‘energy’ bodies crave – our energy bodies are the life-supporting structure for our physical body, keeping it healthy, balanced and vital.  So perhaps now you can see why ‘being grounded’ is so important.

When we are not grounded our bodies cannot operate at their best and we can feel ‘off colour’ or ‘off centre’, lacking in energy, drained, overly tired for no reason, scatty or confused mentally.  All of which makes navigating life here in the 3D rather difficult and haphazard.


Why Are We Not Grounded?


One of the main reasons why we are not so connected to Mother Earth is because most of the shoes we wear now have either rubber or plastic soles.

Dr. Mercola, Osteopathic Physician and Complementary Medicine Practitioner, says “These materials are very effective insulators, which is precisely why they’re used to insulate electrical wires. Yet, they also effectively disconnect you from the Earth’s natural electron flow.”

What Being Grounded Means

Being grounded means that you are able to navigate through your day and life to the best of your ability.

You feel energised, centred and have clarity of thinking.

You use all your senses and your intuition to make empowered and informed decisions and choices.




It also means that you are:

  • Present in your life – you are neither obsessed with the past or future
  • Energetically planted firmly in your body instead of drifting off into the ethers
  • Stable and secure and in control of your life
  • Ready to handle life’s challenges rather than ignoring them, running away from them or pretending they are just not there!
  • Able to top-up your energetic battery
  • Able to reach higher spiritual planes through meditation and guided journeys. (The deeper we are planted in the Earth the higher we can reach.)


Are You Grounded?

When we’re not grounded it is all too easy to get swept up in other people’s energy and mistake it for our own.

Here’s a checklist of symptoms of not being grounded – How often do you find yourself:


  • Feeling spaced out or scattered / scatty?
  • Feeling confused, and /or where simple tasks seem unusually tricky or take more time that they normally do to complete?
  • Feeling like you are ‘floating’ or maybe even like you are having an out of body experience – ‘away with the fairies’ is a common phrase we use to describe this feeling!?
  • Forgetting appointments or other important things when you are normal organised and prompt?
  • Making silly mistakes?
  • Feeling confused, disoriented or clumsy?
  • Feeling generally unwell (with no specific reason), totally lacking energy, tired and drained?
  • Finding yourself slipping into daydreaming often, without you even realising?
  • Feeling over stimulated and nervy?
  • Unable to carry on normal conversation, including losing track of what you were saying?

It’s a weird but maybe familiar sensation,  where you feel floaty, as if your head is in the clouds. You might feel or be confused where simple tasks seem unusually tricky or take more time that they normally do to complete. You are foregetful, scatty or dizzy and find yourself ‘jumping from Billy to Jack’ (flitting between tasks and not getting much done).

Being ungrounded isn’t an easy to place to be when your trying to navigate our 3D world!

If you’d like to find out how to ground yourself please read my blog My Top 6 Ways To Ground Guide’.

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