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Soul Awakening

Healing Sessions

Are you feeling stressed, unbalanced, lacking or low in energy?

Do you feel out of sorts, not your normal / true self?

Do you have health issues that are causing you pain and limiting your life?

Do you feel muddled, unclear and lacking in motivation or direction?


Then it may be time for you to reclaim your full health, clarity, energy and true self by taking care of your 'life force energy'.

Our life force energy is the fundamental building block of life.  We are made of energy, in fact everything in the Universe is made of energy and when our energy is allowed to run down, to become blocked or altered, then we can feel low, lacking in clarity, drive and motivation and we can become ill as our body goes into a state of dis-ease.

In general our present society and lifestyle does not support our energy systems and so we need to take specific action to replenish it.  This can range from: eating organic foods, drinking plenty of clean water, taking regular exercise, connecting to Mother Nature on a daily basis, doing things that make your heart sing, being in the company of loving and supportive friends, consciously topping-up your energy (click here to access my personal self-healing meditation) to name but a few.

However, if you are like many of the clients I see, you may need help in boosting and clearing your energy, in bringing it back to a replenished balance and harmonious state.


Healing Sessions

Allowing your Soul to 'overlight', guide your healing ensures that you receive the highest and most appropriate healing and energies that you are ready to embody to bring you back to full health, vitality and harmony.

As a channel I am gifted with the ability to receive and transmit a broad range of energies, so that the perfect energies can come through that are most appropriate for my client’s needs in that moment.

The energies are offered through my hands either by gentle hands-on touch, or, by working off the body, in your energy field (aura) and through my voice. As some people are not comfortable with touch, I always check at the beginning of our first session whether you would like touch.


What Happens In a Session?

Each session starts with time for you to explain your situation and what you would like to focus on. Your focus creates the intention for your session, which is an important feature of the healing enabling us to work co-creatively to:

  • Clear any blocks that have been prevented you achieving your intention before
  • Change any beliefs or thought patterns that have been limiting you
  • Balance and enhance your overall energy field (aura) to create the optimum environment to manifest your intention.

You will then be invited either to sit or lie down, fully clothed.  We begin this part of the session with an invocation / prayer and a calming and relaxing meditation in preparation for the transmission of energies, which may involve sounds or channelled messages.

The hands-on / hands-off part of the session usually takes between 30-40 minutes.

Once the transmission is complete I will gentle guide you back to everyday reality, offer you a drink and time to explore how you are feeling. There is also time for you, should you wish, to describe what you experienced and to ask any questions you might have.

I use many different intuitive healing techniques, including: Spiritual Healing, Angelic Reiki, Colour Mirrors, Soul Realignment, Guided Meditation, Affirmations, dialoguing, The Journey, sound and my own unique Soul Matrix Rebalancing healing method.


Where Do You Offer Sessions?

I offer in-person sessions in:

    • Lymington, Hampshire
    • Fordingbridge, Hampshire


What If I Am Not Local to You, Do You Offer Telephone / Zoom Sessions?

Yes, I also offer Soul Healings via Zoom.  Clients find these particularly powerful as they do not have to travel anywhere for their appointment.  They can sit, or lie down, in their own home, feeling safe and comfortable, knowing that once the session is complete they can just rest and allow the energies to integrate.  These sessions can also be recorded.


How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This will of course depend on a number of elements.  For example, what it is you would like to work with?  How long that condition / situation has been with you?  How much clearing is needed and how much rebalancing and 'topping-up' is required?

We may also need to change the thought patterns or believes that created the condition / situation  - yes we create our situations, health and life!  If you haven't heard this before then this idea may press a few buttons for you,  and, I may not be the right person for you at this time. If you are interested in finding out more then I highly recommend Louise Hay's writings on 'Healing Your Life'.

How quickly a condition /situation shifts is also very dependent on where you are on your journey and how ready you are to change.

In my experience it often takes a client (their personality, their ego and their energy system - all of which are very delicate and highly protected) at least 3 sessions before they can start to really trust and feel safe enough to surrender to the energies, the process and the channel!

So I offer 3 types of packages:


Packages of Sessions

Silver Package       - 1.5 hour session - in person in Lymington, Hampshire , or via Zoom.


Gold Package         - 3 x 1 hour sessions - in person in Lymington, Hampshire or or via Zoom.

Exchange: £222

Platinum Package - 6 x 1 hour sessions - in person in Lymington, Hampshire  or via Zoom.

Exchange : £359


How Can I Book?

If you feel guided to work with me, then just click on the PayPal button situated below your choice of package (above).  You will receive confirmation of receipt of your payment via email along with access to my on-line diary where you can select the appointment slot that works for you.

Not Sure, or Would Like to Talk Before Booking?

Then why not book a FREE 30 minute Clarity Call?  This session allows us to connect via Skype and for you to have time to ask any questions you may have, gain some clarity, and to help you decide on whether I am the right person for you right now.  Please note, these sessions are NOT 'readings', nor are they geared towards 'predictions'.

To book a FREE Clarity Call, just drop me an email and I will send you access to my on-line diary where you can select an appointment time that works for you.