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Soul Awakening

Initiation Ceremony

Accessing The Akashic Records Inner Journey


Start this inner journey with some relaxation.

1. Breathe in – Allow your brow and shoulders to relax – breathe out
2. Breathe in – Relax your chest, your back and your tummy – breathe out
3. Breathe in – Relax your buttocks, thighs and calfs to relax – breathe out

Bringing your whole awareness to your inner world.

Send your beautiful roots down into Mother Earth …….. let those roots spread wide – connecting us so we become ONE.
With the power of your intention now send your permanent grounding cord (umbilical cord, anchor) down from your spine, down into Mother Earth, deep down, through the Soil, the sand, the rocks, the crystal caverns and the crystal bed….. down to the Molten Core of Mother Earth, Gaia.

Here within the very centre of Mother Earth are many, many crystals, one has your name on it.  Allow your grounding cord to attach to it.

Feel yourself become more grounded – more centred, safer , you are fully Connected to the Divine Feminine.  This is your permanent connection for this life time – allowing you to travel any where on the planet and feel safe, grounded and centred.

Now that you are connected, take your attention to your heart centre.

Breathe in to your heart centre – and imagine a beautiful golden ball of light growing as you breathe into it………. Allow your heart to glow and radiate with this golden light.

Through your intention send this golden ball of light down your chakras, down through the solar plexus, sacral chakra, the root chakra, then down your permanent grounding cord to your Earth Star and on down to the centre of Mother Earth.

The golden light from your heart enlivens your crystal that is at the centre of Mother Earth connecting you and grounding you. This part of Mother Earth is a part of you, just as you are a piece of Mother Earth.

Enjoy this connection ….

Imagine now your golden ball of energy moving onward through Mother Earth – through the Earth and out the other side.

Imagine your ball of energy out the the otherside and travelling toward the Moon – allow your ball of energy to enter the Moon and feel the soft, femine energies as you pass through the Moon and out the other side.

You now find your ball of energy is moving towards our Sun. Your golden ball journeying towards and approaching the beautiful warm glow of the Sun. It’s heat nurtures and supports you, but does not burn.

Imagine your ball of energy travelling into the centre of the Sun – and into the Sun all the way through and out the other side.

Continue to travel throughout our Milky way – enjoying the view of the millions of stars, floating through space, knowing you are perfectly anchored in Mother Earth – that anchoring allowing you to travel higher and higher and throughout our Galaxy.

Imagine travelling through our Solar System, as your ball of energy gravitates towards the planet or star system where your Soul originated, you have no need to name it, you just sense, or perhaps experience the feeling that this is a vibrational likeness to your Divinity at its origin.

You soak up the energy of your spiritual home……. as you soak in the beauty of our Galaxy.

Now, imagine your ball of energy coming back, coming back towards the Milky Way, back to Mother Earth……. Coming back to your body and entering through the crown of your head, and back to the place where this journey first started – back to your heart centre.

Breathe in that connection – allowing yourself to witness your connecting to our planet, our Solar System and to the entire Galaxy.  You are all of it and all of it is you – contained in your beautiful glowing heart.

Now from your heart, imagine a beautiful green glow extending our in front of you – out from your heart.

It’s as if this green light is forming a path in front of you…..

Imagine walking down this path, now….. in front of you there comes in to view a huge door in what looks like a sacred temple, or crystal cavern., what ever your imagination shows YOU.

You stand for a moment looking around you, and at this door – you sense the sacredness of this place …….. you open the door and enter.

You tune into all your senses as you take in your experience of the Akashic Records……

Across the hall you see an open door and you find yourself making your way towards it …… as you enter it you recognise it as the Ceremony Room – there many other souls gathered here and you join the circle ……..

A hush fills the room………. And Fills the space in the centre of your circle………….

Shafts of great light descend from above…….. to the very centre of the circle and one or more of these shafts, these columns of light stands before you, before each one in this circle…

This / these are your Akashic Record Guides …..

You feel their energy, you feel their connection – 3rd eye to 3rd eye……. Heart to heart…….

See how open you can be with this connection………

Breathe……. Open………. Breathe………. Receive

Your AR guides beckons you now to follow them – and you find yourself being taken to another part of this sacred building – this is the space your guide has prepared for you to connect with your Akashic Record – Your Book of Life…..

Breathe……   Breathe……

You walk towards your Book ………..

You experience your Book, in your OWN way, perhaps you feel it’s energy………………. perhaps you can see it ……. or perhaps you know its there and what’s on the open page……

Take a few moments now to connect with your book……..

Bring to mind, to your heart, your question / the guidance you are seeking…..

Transmit it now to your Guide – 3rd eye to 3rd eye, heart to heart… through your thoughts and intentions….

Breathe……….  And open……..   Breathe………   Receive ………. Open………Receive…… Breathe…….
Surrender……… experience ……………… Receive ……… Breathe.

Soon it will be time for you to leave this beautiful space……….

Your Guide(s) take you back through the Ceremonial Room back to the door you first entered.

You thank you Guide(s), sending them your love and gratitude…………

Receiving any last messages, keys or codes ……..


And when you’re ready you leave the Akashic Records, walk through the large door and close it behind you.

Walk back along the green path, back to your heart centre……..

Sensing your energy and your awareness coming back to your body now.

Breathe deeply x 3…..

Feeling the air on your skin, noticing the sounds in the room….

As you come back to this time and place…….

Deep breath…..

Stretch your fingers and toes and when you’re ready to come back fully have a stretch and open your eyes and have a drink of water.

Ensure that your aura (energy field) and chakras are brought to a level of opening that is supportive for you after leaving the higher realms.