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Soul Awakening

A Special Invitation!


Are you feeling stuck in your life, relationship, career?

Have you got some niggling health issues that the medical world seem unable to help with, or that you know have their root cause in an emotional issue or an old belief or perspective, and would like help to resolve?

Or are you realising that the life you are living is not the one you had envisioned for yourself?


Then you could be just the sort of person I am looking to work with.

I am offering sessions based on Brandon Bay’s ‘Journey‘ method of hebrandon-1aling and self-enquiry.

Brandon healed herself of a basketball sized tumour and ever since has been offering and developing her unique process which has helped thousands of people all over the world.

I came across ‘The Journey’ healing method some years back and was deeply moved, and healed by the processes I received.

You see I had been having discomfort and some niggling pains in my intestines / solar plexus area, in a very specific spot just under my ribs, and for reasons I’m sure you can understand, I wanted to resolve this issue through healing and not through the orthodox medical route!  My usual energy work offered some relief, however it wasn’t clearing the issue completely.


Synchronicities, don’t you just love ’em when they happen, led me to receive a Journey healing process, and just like magic the twinges, tightness and discomfort vanished, puff, gone, never thankfully, to return.

I realised that what had been missing from my usual healing method was the healing of my emotions, my beliefs and my thought patterns that all related to, and formed part of,  my discomfort.

I have since had several ‘Journey’ processes and always feel like a major shift happens.  Not always physical, and not always in such a way that I can find the ways to describe – do you know that feeling?

What I can say is that I have found this work to be truly supportive, healing and life enriching.

So, guess what? 

Yes, I believe in this work so much that I have been, over the last 3 years, training as a Journey Practitioner.the-journey-logo-new

I have just returned from The Netherlands where I completed the penultimate module and I’m looking forward to returning their in September to complete the modular training.

To complete the Practitioner training I am required to complete 49, yes that’s right, 49 case studies.  Sounds like a lot right?  Yes it does but I like that, for me it reflects the professionalism of this training.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a Case Study and want to know more do read on…….


What Is The Cost Of A Session?

There is no charge for this session.

I’m offering complimentary sessions to help you finally get free from any hidden drivers, those things that have created those health issues, relationship difficulties or career / life challenges.  The ones that perhaps you are not fully conscious of, yet!


What Does Being a Case Study Mean and What Will it Involve?

Let me start by saying what’s not involved.

You will not have to write anything, no feedback, no notes or testimonials, I promise.  Although if you really want to then I would be delighted to receive and read your comments of course.

What is involved is:

  • An introductory phone chat to explore your personal situation and what you would like to work on, or achieve, during your one-to-one session.  Don’t worry if you’re not sure, we can explore  that too.
  • Your one-to-one session.  These sessions can be in person in Hertfordshire or Lincolnshire, or on the phone or Skype. Sessions vary in length from between 45 minutes – 2 hours.
  • 3 Follow-up phone calls (20 – 30 minutes). These are an important part of the case study, so I ask that you bear this in mind when deciding whether you would like to be a case study.


Who Might Resonate With The Journey Process and This Offer?

People who might be drawn to this offer will have reached a point in their life where they know there is something within them, their beliefs or behaviours, or an old emotional wound, that are hindering them in creating good health, relationships, work, or the life they had dreamed of.

They have probably reached a point in their life where they are ready, really ready to face that that has been limiting or restricting them.  That could be a fear of feeling their emotions or acknowledging that their beliefs are creating the limitations in their life.  They are now willing, if perhaps a little hesitant, they are human after all, to delve deep.  They probably know deep down what area of their life that needs some gentle yet profound focus and are willing to do whatever if takes to heal and clear them.


What Sort of Issues Can Be Worked With?

The Journey processes I am currently offering can help with:

  • Phobias
  • Addictions
  • Changing Beliefs
  • Changing Behaviours
  • Releasing Vows (energetic promises)
  • Headache and Pain Management


Want to Volunteer?

If you resonate with this offer and would like to volunteer to be a case study, then drop me an email briefly outlining what you would like help with, your general availability, i.e. daytime, evenings, weekends, and where you would like your session (Herts, Lincs or phone/Skype).

I will then send you a link to my online diary where you can select an appointment slot for our 20 -30 minute chat, so that we can talk through your application and I can answer any queries you may have.  This offers us both the opportunity to see if working together is a good fit.  If we both agree then we will arrange your full session.

This is a great opportunity to experience these powerful processes and make the shifts you have been desperately longing for.

I do hope you will take the most important step, the first one, towards a life of freedom and clarity.

I am very excited to be able to offer this healing modality and look forward to hearing from you if you feel drawn to take up this opportunity.

Many blessings

Maia Ana


Maia Ana Hawaii