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Soul Awakening

Laser Alignment

What is the Laser Alignment Process?

The Laser Alignment Process is a quick yet really effective way of getting in tune with yourself and balancing your life.

When we are fully connected and centred within ourselves we experience life and all it brings, in a balanced and grounded way.

There could be a metaphoric storm going on around us (life), yet if we stay centred and balanced, in the ‘eye of the storm’, we will experience the stillness, calm and clarity that resides there.

This alignment process helps us be aware of ourselves and how we can flow with the outside world.



How to Prepare

Start by preparing the space where you are going to do this meditative process. You may like to do some or all of these ways to create a special space:

  • Prepare an altar and / or burn incense, or smudge sage,
    to cleanse the space
  • Light a candle
  • Put on some nice soothing music
  • Switch off your phones
  • Set a timer (if you have limited time)
  • Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down.



Laser Alignment Process

There are 2 versions of this process, the quick version, when you only have a very limited amount of time.  Or the longer version You can do this as quickly or as slowly as feels right for you and for the amount of time you have.

Start your meditation by taking some deep breathes.  Allow your body to relax.  Become aware of your breathing pattern and how you are feeling.


Quick version – take your attention and intention (to open and balance) to each of your chakras in turn.

Start with your Soul Star chakra (your chakra that is approximately 12-18 inches above your head). Hold the intention / vision that this chakra opens and balances in ways that are appropriate for you and your day.

Repeat as above for all your chakras:

  • Soul Star chakra – your chakra that is above your crown centre approximately 12 – 18 inches above your head.
  • Crown chakra
  • 3rd eye chakra
  • Throat chakra
  • Higher heart chakra
  • Heart chakra
  • Solar plexis
  • The root chakra
  • Earth Star chakra (this is your chakra that is located in Mother Earth, approximately 6-18 inches below your feet).

Longer Version

Do the meditation as the Quick Version and spend as much time as you need at each chakra, noticing what you’re feeling, seeing, hearing, sensing or knowing. Do not judge or try to change your experience,  just notice and witness – assume the role of the ‘compassionate observer’.

When you have gone through each of your chakras, finish the Laser Alignment process by balancing your aura…….


Balancing your Aura (Auric Bubble) – This is a very simple yet effective way to ensure your aura is aligned in a way that is balancing and protective.

Imagine your aura (the space around your body that contains your energy bodies) as a bubble all around your physical body. You could see or imagine it as a sealed bubble or balloon.

Ask, or hold the intention, that your bubble be filled with the Divine Light of Source, you may like to notice what colour comes through for you!

Then take your awareness to where your body is in relation to your bubble, are you in the centre of the bubble or off to the front, or to your right or left?  This little process helps you to re-position your self to be in the very centre, the middle of the balloon, your aura. If it is not than you will feel ‘off-centre’ and misaligned.

So visualise/ feel / sense how equal the space around your body is, your aura.  Is there more bubble (aura) to one side of your body then the other? Or is there more bubble (aura) above your head than below? Check all directions – above and below, left and right, front and back. If you find that you are off-centre in any way, imagine you can either move your bubble (your aura), or your physical body, so that your body is centred.

Groundingset you intention / visualise, your permanent grounding cord uncurling from Svadhisthana (your sacral chakra) and allow it to travel down through your root chakra to the very heart of Mother Earth.

You are now in a state of balance, harmony, centredeness and solidly grounded.


End your meditation

You may like to complete this meditation sequence with a mantra. You could use:

  • The Soul Mantra

“I am the Soul

I am the light divine

I am love

I am will

I am fixed design.”

  • St Francis of Assisi’s phrase – ‘Let me be an instrument of thy peace.’
  • Or your own positive affirmations / what you are grateful for / intentions etc.

Take time to bring yourself back. Use your breathe, take 3 deep breaths, have a stretch and a drink of water.

You are now ready to start your day!

Soulful Blessings

Maia Ana