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New Year Ritual

New Year Ritual

You can do an end of year ritual by yourself or with others.  It can be more powerful with a group of like-hearted souls who can hold a loving space for one another.  This is particularly so when you do the releasing, letting go, fire ceremony.


We started by making a Gratitude List

We listed all the things we were grateful for in 2017, and we wrote this list in our personal journals. 

We took our time and waited till we were both done before moving on. 

Writing a Gratitude List is such a heartful exercise, that raises your mood and your vibration.  You know the more we feel grateful, the more the Universe brings us things to feel grateful for.




Releasing –  We then wrote a list of what we wanted to leave behind in 2017.  Things we wanted to let go of.  It’s surprising how long that list got! Lol.

We wrote this list on a separate piece of paper so we could burn it in the garden.  This year it was a Full Moon, so extra special, strong energies to witness us and our affirmation.

We each held space for one another as we said a short mantra affirming that we were letting go all on our list and then we set fire to them in our make-shift cauldron (unused barbeque, lol).


Hopes and Dreams (Our Manifestation list)  – We then made a list of what we wanted in 2018.  The hopes, the dreams, the goals etc. that we wanted to have and to experience. 

We also asked for a ‘word’ that would represent our energy for the new year.

Mine came as I gently focused inside – ‘Sharing‘ ,  that was my word, and my focus for 2018.  It felt so beautiful and my heart felt full thinking about all the ways I could share in the New Year.

We then used our Hopes and Dreams list to help us choose pictures and words from a collection of magazines and papers I had stored up, to create our vision boards.

This is my 2018 vision board –  it is now hanging on my bedroom wall, where I see it when I wake-up and when I go to sleep. 

Of course you don’t have to hang yours in your bedroom!

We did ours on the last day of the year, but you can do one anytime.

Happy New Year

Maia Ana