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Sacred Ritual: Out With The Old and In With The New Ebook Course


This beautifully presented 98-page A4 digital Ebook course is for Lightworkers and spiritual women who are tired of feeling trapped in their life, relationship, home, business or career and who want to free themselves from repeating patterns of the past.  So that they can consciously and mindfully create their new aligned life, relationship, business or career.


The Sacred Ritual will gently guide you through it's teachings, inner enquiry questions and potent guided meditations (video) so that you heal the past, harnessing the learnings that came from it.

It will then take you on a beautiful journey to connect with your deepest hearts desires, dreams and vision for your future.  Maia Ana will guide you through 4 energy alignment guided meditations and one powerful creating and manifesting initiation to vision your future into your life and reality.


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If you'd like to receive your very own digital and printable Ebook Course, delivered to your inbox in moments then please click on the image below (left).


Perhaps you'd also like to have a private 1:1 session with Maia Ana where she creates and takes you through your very own personal 'Vision Story' guided meditation and inititiation via Zoom. You will receive a recording of this meditation.  For this option click on the image below (right).

Once you've made your purchase you will receive an email receipt and a link to Maia Ana's on-line diary where you can select an appointment time that works for you.


Ebook Course :Sacred Ritual:
Out With The
Old and In With The New
Ebook Course + 1:1 Session:Sacred Ritual: Out With The Old and In With The New
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"The Fourth Element of The Ritual Was Very Powerful...."

Isobel Gordon

"Before the Ritual I was noticing recurring patterns in my life that I wanted to release. I also wanted clarity in moving my business forward.

The Ritual's inner enquiry exercises and meditations helped me to go deep.  I connected with my sense of gratitude and the patterns and people I wanted to let go of so I could bring them into my conscious awareness.

The 4th Element of the Ritual was very powerful, letting go and bringing forth the future. Within a couple of hours I had to confront one of the people I released and I had the opportunity to state clear boundaries. I had not felt able to do this before. That person has not tried to step over those boundaries again.

I have much more clarity in my business now. I have been working on new messaging and that is becoming more comfortable as I now show up as my true, authentic self.

This was a truly transformational experience and I would highly recommend it. You never know what will happen to turn your life around, mine certainly has. Thank you Maia Ana."

Isobel Gordon, Founder of 'In The Right Hands'

"I Loved the Ritual, I Found it Very Calming....."

Elisha May

"In 2020 I'd been through quite a lot of trauma. Two family members passed away, and I got a severe case of Covid, which took months to recover from.  Also two more family members with cancer got very ill which lead to a lot of anxiety, as you can imagine! 
I loved the Ritual, I found it very calming and also felt like I was "doing something" to help me let go of anxiety and trauma, so that I could focus on this year being a more positive year. 
After the ritual I felt less anxiety, like it didn't have as much of a hold on me as it did have before the ritual, I felt a sense of calm and positivity that this year is going to be a better year. 
With my circumstances now, I still have ill family members but finding I am able to deal with it better since letting go of anxiety and trauma that I was holding onto last year. The anxiety is not taking hold of me in the same way that it did last year."
Elisha May, Massage Therapy, Integrated Myofascial Therapy, Reflexology and  SMFR Therapy.

"The Ritual Gave Me Quality Time to Reflect......"

Sue Salt

"The start of the year had brought many changes, not least the passing of my 87 year old mother.  I was her live-in carer for the last 8 years and so suddenly my life had changed and I didn’t really have a clear plan of what to do next. 

The Ritual gave me quality time to reflect and start to make plans.  To actually consider what I wanted from life, which is harder than you think!
It was great to reflect on how far I have come, and how much I have achieved.  I was able to plan my next steps, and put my wishes and intentions out to the universe.
Whether all my seeds take, or if only some do, my intention is to live life fully and help as many people as I can.  I’ve been a Reiki Master Teacher for 20 years, but circumstances , job & looking after Mum had always been a priority, now it’s different.  I now see the future is full of Light and magical things. xx"
Sue Salt, B.Ed. Hons., Spiritual Teacher and Counsellor, Reiki Master, Healer and Teacher, Founder of White Feathers Consultancy. 
"Thank you so much for a lovely Ritual.  My favourite part was the 3rd Element meditation where I released all that wasn't serving me and I welcomed in new energies.  I really felt the energetic shifts and felt much stronger for it.  I feel I am now in my magnificent power.  THANK YOU." H.B.

"I really enjoyed this Ritual.  I found the meditations really powerful and loved the 'letting go'.  I felt like I let go of of a lot and realised I have alot to be grateful for.  Since doing this Ritual I have found myself decluttering everything from emails to cupboards! Thank you." E.M.

"I had so many 'take-aways' from this Ritual.  Merging with my higher self was SO powerful.  It felt huge, I was literally crying and shaking while raising my vibration.  Also the letting go - I saw one massive pattern of my life and I released it.  All of it was super powerful.  Thank you so much." R.W.
"Thank you so much. I feel in a completely different place now." G.P.
"That meditation was so powerful.  It was phenomonal.  Thank you." RW
"I always forget how powerful your meditations are." IG