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Soul Awakening


There are many types and forms of meditation.  Some seek for the meditator to 'empty' their mind, others to focus on a candle or on their breathe and breathing pattern.

For me the only goal of meditation is to become aware - to really notice my experience whilst meditating and, to notice, how I feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in 'the moment'.  Most people spend more time doing the shopping or grooming the dog, then they do 'tuning' into, or spending quality time with, themselves!

So with this method of meditating and self-healing there is nothing 'difficult' to do - I'm sure you have spent time with a friend or family member just being there for them and being a good listener - how about being a 'good friend and listener' to yourself!  The benefits will surprise and delight you.

My Guides recommended for me to do this self-healing meditation every morning - they explained it was like topping-up my battery so that I would be energised for the day.  Follow your own guidance, intuition, or your schedule on how frequently would work and serve you.


Hints and Tips on Meditating

Here are some tips for preparing for your self healing meditation:

Maia Ana - Kona, Hawaii

  • Prepare your space - Honour yourself by spending time preparing the space where you will meditate - preparation needn't be so long that its off putting, but enough to make you, and your space, feel special, that could be with candles, flowers, soft music, laying down etc.
  • Find a comfortable position, sitting or laying down
  • Turn off your phones
  • Let others know you will be unavailable for the duration of the meditation.

ENJOY this wonderful quiet time and the insights that may reveal themselves....


The Self Healing Meditation - Full Version (Shorter Version below)

Close your eyes and start by allowing time for the chatter in your mind to quieten - I have found giving the mind the opportunity to run wild, so to speak, works much better than 'forcing' it to quieten. If you give it enough time it will quieten of its own accord.

Mentally give permission to allow Earth energy to come up through your feet. Allow the energy to travel all the way up your body, up to your head and up to, well as far as it will go. If you need a name for the destination, I like Source.

You may experience the energy as heat, tingling or a creeping sensation - what it feels like is not important, what is important is that you notice your own experience and allow the time you need for your cells to soak up this energy.  As with many things 'spiritual' the key is not to try too hard, just hold the intention that it is happening then wait, feel and trust!

Once you have connected Earth Energy to Source, ask for the light from Source to come down through your crown chakra (at the top of your head) and allow this light to travel all the way down your body to your feet.

Again allow as much time as you feel is necessary to bathe in this beautiful healing and cleansing light.  If you can, send the light to every organ, gland, system, to your spine, bones and your blood. Then send the light down to the centre of the Earth, from the base of your spine and from the soles of your feet.

Allow yourself time to sit in this 'waterfall' or 'shower' of light, visualising this flow washing away anything that no longer serves you.

When you feel the time is right to end, thank Mother Earth, Source and yourself (Higher Self / Soul / Personality).

Allow the energies to return to Earth and to Source.

Gently become aware of the space around you, and any sounds, smells etc. and gently bring yourself back to full awareness before opening your eyes.

It's always a good idea after healing to drink plenty of good quality water.


Shorter Version

This version can be used when you feel guided to, or when perhaps you do not have enough time to do the full meditation.

Just as above but only take Earth energy up to your heart, allow the energy to caress and infuse your heart chakra and your physical heart.  You may wish to take some deeper breathes as you feel your heart centre expanding.

Then connect with Source and bring Source energy down to your heart centre.

Let the energies mingle and merge, letting your heart chakra expand, soften and open.  Allow yourself to be in these energies for as long as feels right.

End the meditation in the same way as for the long version (above).