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Soul Awakening

Soul Aligned Business Review


This session is designed to help you reconnect to your Divine Gifts and reveal how those gifts can be utilised within your Business. So that you can align your business to your strengths and your Soul's Blueprint, and do business YOUR way.


You’’ll get clarity on how you’re designed to do business, as well as insights into the challenges you might face and how to overcome them.


Your confidence will increase having the surety of knowing what choices and decisions to make in and for your business - ones that align with your energy, taking away self doubt, uncertainty and anxiety about what steps to take.


You’ll receive details of the level of alignment for the 6 key areas of your business, e.g. Clients; Sales; Marketing; Contributors; Systems and Service/Products.   Whether they're in full alignment or to what level they are - giving you clear direction of where in your business to focus your time, effort and resources to enable your business, and you, to flourish.


What’s Included?


  • An initial Business Clarity questionnaire - This will provide the information I need to Access your Akashic Record and prepare for your session.
  • I then spend time in your Akashic Record gathering the information to share with you in our consultation.
  • We’ll meet, via Zoom, where I share this information – 45 -60 minutes.
  • After our session you’ll receive a recording of our session AND...
  • A Business Summary Guidebook detailing all I’ve shared with you.  A beautiful keepsake that can be used as a go-to reference guide to help with your business’s on-going choices, plans, and decisions.




Soul Aligned Life and Business

This 3-session programme includes a Soul Aligned Business Review (details above).

In addition you will be reminded of, and attuned to, your Divine gifts and learn what your life theme and purpose are.

You'll gain clarity on the energy centre you are made of and operate from, as well as details of the Soul group you belong to.  All which decide the qualities and attributes of your Divine gifts.

We'll also explore, and clear, your karmic blocks and restrictions (the ones that have been holding you back and hindering your spiritual and selfdevelopment).

I check for ? of blocks, ranging from the more commonly known of Spells, Contracts and Negative Entities, to the lesser known of Compassionate connections and Soul Fragment loss or excess.

Included in this package is also a Soul level healing, which clears all the blocks at the Soul level (5th dimension) and growth work, which consists of a personal prayer request (affirmation) that seeds the Soul level healing into our 3rd dimension - into your everyday life.

Having had your Soul Realignment, you will find your path clearer, you'll have more opportunities present themselves, and a much deeper and clearer understanding of why you are here and how you can make a difference in the world.

As you move into greater alignment, those things that are not aligned for you will move away and out of your sphere.

Being in greater alignment also means that if there are things in your life you've been settling for - things that you no longer love or really want in your life,  things that you haven't been able to find the courage, strength to change or leave - ones that you are frightened to address for fear of change, uncertainty etc. -  these will become even harder to live with!!!


What’s Included?

You'll receive:

  • All what's included in the Soul Aligned Business Review (see above)
  • I will access your Akashic Record to gather information connected to your life and business, prior to your consultations.
  • A distant Soul Level healing session.
  • Two consultations, on Zoom - The first, will be focused on your Life Alignment (Soul Realignment) Reading (60-90 minutes).  The second will focus on your Business Reading (approx 60 minutes).
  • A personalised 21-day Prayer Request - Growth work.   This will enable you to seed the Soul Level healing into your everyday life (3D).
  • Recordings of two consultations.
  • A Soul Essence Guidebook - a beautiful reminder of your Divine gifts, Your energy centre(s) and Soul Group.




Do You Want Help and Guidance on What to Change at a Detailed Level?


If the above sounds like just what you need but you know you want to go one step further and have the support and guidance of the Akashic Records (and your Soul’s blueprint) in making the detailed changes and tweaks, then my Realigning Your Soul Business Programme is what you’re looking for.


This 3 or 6 month programme is designed to be a co-creating container, where with the help of your Soul’s blueprint we can drill down to the detailed elements of your business - the one's that are not in full alignment so that we can explore the changes / additions / or deletions that will bring your business to perfect alignment.

This will give you crystal clarity on what actions to take - for example, say....


The Business Review shows that your Marketing is only 47% aligned.

We'd review your off and on-line presence in depth - checking your promotional material, the images, the copy, the colours, fonts etc.  and what energy they radiate.

We'd look at the frequency, mediums and type of marketing you are doing and check for misalignments.  Together we'd explore alternative options to bring your marketing into full, 100% alignment.

During the programme you'll have time to take action and make the changes that the process has highlighted.

Bringing your business into full alignment will:


  • Enable you to business your way - the way that comes naturally to you, that is your gift and strength.
  • It means you will be doing things you love and are good at - no more doing things cos it works for others
  • You'll become magnetic to your perfect clients as your message, your energy and your business will authentically express who you are and the difference you are here to make.
  • This brings greater confidence, a deeper owner of who you really are - no more imposter sydrome.
  • ??????




There’s nothing worse than throwing the baby out with the bath water so to speak – meaning you don’t want to be changing or tweaking some aspect of your business that IS working for you!


To find out about this level of support please see below.



To Book Your Session?


To book please click on the PayPal button below. Once I’ve received your payment I’ll send you my Business Clarity Registration form for you to complete and return to me, I will then send you a link to my on-line diary where you can choose an appointment slot that works for you.









Have Questions or Want to Connect First?


Then why not apply for a Clarity Call, a complimentary consultation, where you can learn more about how I may be a fit to support you aligning your life or business to your Soul’s Divine blueprint … Even if you’re not 100% clear on how you want your life or business to be, yet!

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