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Soul Awakening

Hello intuitive LIghtworker....

Would you like to find a way to market yourself authentically, without having to resort to pushy / sleezy ‘3D’ marketing – that feels icky and manipulative, to attract your clients?

How would it be to discover the secret of ease, flow and success that's  perfect for YOU – without working so hard that you don’t have time to enjoy your life?

Are you finding it overwhelming or downright difficult to force yourself to do business the ways others have done?

Have you fallen so out of love with your business that you're thinking of throwing in the towel?


Then beautiful soul, you're in the right place!

I know what it's like to not resonate with 3D marketing – or marketing that instills a sense of scarcity, lack, fear and manipulation to make sales.

I’ve worked with leading business mentors who are lovely, heart-centered people, only to find that they promote using these psychological tools that feel so wrong.


I just couldn't do it and so I believed that's why I wasn't achieving the succes I'd hoped for, or getting the clients whom I could help.

For years I felt stuck, not knowing how to move my business forward. My confidence and self-belief were affected, and of course I told myself that it must be me that didn’t have what it took to be successful…



….. Then I discovered why I was stuck and procrasting so much, because.......



The Age of Light, Intuition, the Golden Age.


You see, as an empath and sensitive who works with energy and my intuition, I just couldn't continue forcing myself to do things that didn’t feel right to me.

My breakthrough came by finding alignment with my souls gifts, energy and mission.

I worked with an intuitive who helped me remember who I was at Soul level, and how I could make a difference. She helped me see all those things I was able to offer my clients that I overlooked, took for granted or just couldn’t see myself and how to get them out in the world.

This was so profound for me because I discovered that my mission is to do the same, and help others reveal and own their Divine gifts and find alignment with the big mission they are here on Earth to fulfil.



Success Your Way Using Your Divine Gifts


It’s easy to overlook our Divine gifts - they come so easily to us that we think everyone must have them.

These are the gifts that are free of effort or struggle, but for so many of us we have a belief that to do a good job, we have to work hard, or we strive for perfection. If we’re not working all hours then we simply aren't offering something that is really worthwhile or valuable.


And this is where I'd been going wrong for so long!


There is a way of doing our service work in the world that feels right, aligned and authentic - by doing it the way our Soul has been designed to.


When we do it our Soul's way we get to offer our innate gifts to those that'll resonate with them, in ways that are authentic and hold them to their highest potential.


You see, when we do our service work this way, we step into our FLOW, our ABUNDANCE and we SHINE.  People can sense our radiance, truth and our alignment, and they want some of what we have, even if they really don't know what 'it' is they want.

In truth they want to be in their own alignment, the way you are in yours.



How I Can Help?


For the last ten years I've been reading the Akashic Records, helping people clear the karmic (Soul level) blocks on their record, so that they could STEP INTO GREATER ALIGNMENT with their DIVINE GIFTS, their PURPOSE and their LIFE’S MISSION.


Added to that I can sense a client’s energy as we talk as I tune into their Soul frequency.  I can  sense when something isn’t aligned to their vibration and intuitively ask deeper questions to help them explore, expand and step into greater possibilities than what they might have settled for.  This way they find what has true resonance for them and get clear about how to improve their business, have more joy, creatively use their skills and reach more of the clients who they can help and are right for them.


Clients come either to receive an overview of their business - they want to know what parts of their business are aligned and which are not.


Others want to take it further, to work through the changes to bring alignment to all aspects of their business.


Others recognise that any misalignments in their life (karma, blocks etc) will not only be affecting their personal life but their business too and so book a combined reading.   So I offer different ways of working with me.......



Ways to Work With Me


I offer clients 3 ways to work with me:


  • Soul Aligned Business Review -  This session is where I will reveal to you your Divine gifts as they apply in business and which of the 6 key areas in business you are fully aligned to and those you are not, so that you have clarity on which areas of your business to focus and work on.


  • Soul Aligned Life and Business - In this 3-session programme you will be reminded of what your Divine gifts and purpose are.  You'll also become aware, and clear, your karmic blocks and restrictions (the ones that have been holding you back and hindering your development), a Soul level healing and a Soul Aligned Business Review session.


  • Realigning Your Soul Business Programme - includes a full Soul Aligned Business Review PLUS a detailed breakdown of the business areas that are misaligned so that during a period of 3 or 6 months we can identify and tweak what needs to be changed for them to come into full alignment.  We'll do that through coaching, mentoring, healing and personalised growth work.  This programme also offers accountability and on-going support.


Not Sure Which is For You or Have Questions?


Then why not apply for a Clarity Call, a complimentary consultation, where you can learn more about how I may be a fit to support you aligning your life or business to your Soul's Divine blueprint … Even if you’re not 100% clear on how you want your life or business to be. Yet!