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Soul Awakening

'Soul in Flow' Programme – Advanced

    • You know what your Soul gifts and talents are but don’t feel you are fully expressing them or living them, yet?
    • Do you have good intentions to take soul-led steps but the ‘yea buts’ keep you doing the same old same old?
    • Do you have a deep, deep desire and conviction to be living more than a 3D life?


Soul In Flow with wordsThen my new ‘Advanced Soul In Flow’ Programme might be your next step!


As a spiritual ‘seeker’ you probably feel, and know, that you have so much to give and you also have a sense and deep ‘knowing’ that there is so much more to this world than material wealth and ‘3D’ living. Yet you seemed to be stuck living in a metaphorical ‘place’ where 3D is the Master, and where what you are doing, and how you are living, doesn’t make your heart sing, or, feed your Soul.

You will have tried many ways to overcome your heart-ache and longing. You will probably have been initiated into Reiki, taken spiritual or psychic development classes, practiced meditation and maybe even changed your eating patterns or said good bye to some long-standing friends or life-partner/husband, who just don’t seem to be on your ‘wave-length’ anymore. And still your longing is not satisfied.

That longing and yearning I believe, is inbuilt in all of us. It is a hunger for a way of living and relating that we experienced eons ago in, for example, the times of Atlantis, Lemuria, or from the time of your Soul’s origination, when you first incarnated.

My intuition tells me that we have been ‘pre-programmed’ to experience these yearnings so that we can be ‘the ones’ who ‘bring’ in The new Golden Age’. A time where we all work together, for the common and highest good, in harmony with nature, energy and each other, on a global basis.

You have even had your Soul Profile Reading and felt a complete resonance with it, but in truth you don’t feel like you are expressing your ‘true’ self,  life just seems to get in the way, but your longing stays true.


‘Soul in Flow’ Advanced Programme

This programme offers those who have already had their Soul Profile Reading an opportunity to go deeper.  To remove ‘newly surfaced’ and ‘new level’ blocks, so that they can take positive, conscious steps towards fulfilling their highest path and potential, with the loving support and guidance of a highly intuitive healer, channel Soul Reader and Coach.

This programme will:

  1. Reveal to you additional information from your Akashic Record – We will have a Skype appointment, rather like the Soul Profile Reading one.  This time we will review where you feel you are in relation to what you learnt on the Soul Profile Reading.  I will also revisit your Akashic Record to research new blocks (see below for further details) and to uncover your ‘Life’s Theme(s)’ and how that is showing up for you in this life time.  The new ‘Life Reading’ will bring clarity and the opportunity to ‘live into’ those themes enabling you to create more fulfillment in your human experience.Why is there a possiblity there could be more blocks when you said they were cleared through my original Soul Profile Reading process?There are 2 reasons why there could be more information to share with you since your Soul Profile Reading.Firstly, because you will no doubt have ‘moved on’ and developed since the time of your Reading.  This then allows more of your Soul’s path to be revealed.  Its rather like healing, there are layers and levels.  Our erenrgy systems and body just would not be able to handle clearing or knowing everything all at once.  We would no doubt go into complete overwhelm and may even be really freaked out about our potential, while there are still some personality / ego limitations in place.  For example, imagine you find out that you are to hold Satsang with audiences of over 10,000 – being in the moment, sharing energy or conversing with the audience.  Yikes, I don’t know about you, but I would completely freek out, and go hide somewhere with all my ‘smallness’ issues staring right at me, if you know what I mean!  So, we peel back the layers of the preverbial ‘onion’.  As you grow, your Soul reveals more and more of who you are, more of your potential and your next steps.And, lets be completely honest here, there could also be aspects of your Soul’s path that you feel you are not yet fully embrassing and we can explore those and look at ways of bringing more alignment.Secondly, I have completed the Advanced Practitioner course where we have been given new information so I can now check for a further 7 types of  ‘blocks’ that didn’t form part of your original reading.  This includes blocks such as:  Illusions, Hooks, Cords, Karma etc.
  2. Clear the NEW un-seen (Soul-level) blocks that have been hindering you, or taking you off-track, away from your Soul’s path and plan. Leaving you with a clear sense of who you are at your very core, a co-creator, a Divine being having a human experience. Opening you up to new ways of being and experiencing life.
  3. Give you another personally tailored 21-day prayer request to ‘seed’ the NEW Soul-level healing into your 3D reality. Opening the way forward to enable you to live more of your highest potential, live more ‘on purpose’, and to live from the heart and with intuitive guidance.
  4. Provide on-going support for a period of 4 months – I will support you in: healing any personality issues that are coming up for honouring and up-dating (‘changing our minds’ our limiting thoughts and beliefs is one of the most important aspects of healing and growing – afterall we create our reality through our intentions, thoughts and beliefs); clearing any energetic issues, for example, cutting negative energy cords or hooks etc.; taking new steps; making new decisions and taking new actions.Rather than leaving you to navigate alone the new terrain that undoubtedly will present itself following your Reading, I will provide personal support for 4 months.   There is huge potential for new choices and decisions to be made. After all “if you do what you have always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten! The thing is, the personality will steer you to old ways of reacting, of doing things, after all they have been your natural ‘way’ up until now.   So for 4 months let me, AND your Spirit Guide team, be your guides, helping you navigate this wonderful new terrain.
  5. You will be entitled to a private ‘Rest, Relax, Recharge Retreat’ in my home on the Jurassic coast in West Dorset at a special ‘Soul Flow Programme’ members rate.


Sessions – You will receive 7 Sessions in total.

The first sesson will be your Advanced Soul Profile Reading and includes your ‘Life Theme(s) Reading’,  which will be via Skype (allow approximately1.5 -2 hours).

I know clients can sometimes be reluctant to have sessions via Skype. However time after time I witness how they quickly recognise that there is great value and ease in being able to have a session in the comfort of their own home.   There is no need to travel to a venue, and hence no time needed for travelling either. They say that they find it really supportive to be able to just rest immediately after their session, cosy up on their own sofa and allow the energies to integrate. There is no rush and they feel safe and comfortable in their ‘own space’.

Your 6 follow-up sessions can either be healing, for example realigning and rebalancing, cutting cords or clearing negative entities, or they can be of a coaching / mentoring nature.  The beauty of this programme is that the coaching will be predominately from your Spirit Guides.  Of course, if I can offer any insights or experiences that I feel might help you, then I will let you know a) what they are and b) that the guidance was from me (or my Guides) rather than your Guides.


E.Mail support – you will receive on-going email support between sessions to help you with: any questions you want answers to; for clarification; positive support and encouragement, or anything that you would like to discuss that ‘comes up’ between sessions.


About Me

I offer a depth and breadth to my work, to support, facilitate and enable others, which has come through my own ‘lived experiences’ as well as the many trainings I have undertaken.

I have lived through my ‘dark night of the soul’, I have ‘broken down’ and ‘broken through’ and have lived to tell the tale!

I have been working as a Healer and Reader for over a decade and have had the privilege of training with some remarkable heart-centred teachers.

I am so excited and honoured to be able to share this new programme with you. I look forward to supporting and working with those heart-centred, spiritually aware women, who prioritise their spiritual growth and their life purpose, and, who feel guided to work with me.

To read my full biography click here.


About You!

You are most likely a spiritually aware women who is: passionate about living more consciously and from the heart; committed to living your highest potential; yearns to express her ‘true’ self and her Soul gifts – even if that means ‘delving deep’ and expressing deep emotions and truths.

Are you the one? Are you ready to bare your Soul and… are you at that point in your life where you know ‘things have to change’, you know, and feel, that you ARE READY to ‘step up to the plate’ and step into your DIVINITY?


‘Soul in Flow’ Advanced – Pilot Programme – Only 1 Place Left

I launched the Pilot Programme at my recent  ‘Building The Bridge to Your Soul Workshop’, 2015, and now have just 1 slot left.  I would love to work with you if this programme speaks to your heart and Soul.

If it does, and you feel the ‘About You’ section (above) describes you, then I would love to chat with you so that we can find out if working together feels right and to explore and answer any queries you may have.  Drop me an email to arrange your free 1 hour Clarity Call appointment.


The Investment

Let’s recap what you will be receiving in this programme:

  • Revised Soul Profile and Life Theme(s) Reading Session 1.5 – 2.5 hours
  • Soul Level Healing
  • New personally tailored 21-day Prayer Request -personality level healing and realignment
  • 6 personal sessions – up to 1.5 hour sessions – over a period of 4 months
  • On-going email support for 4 months
  • Priority booking for Hertfordshire based sessions
  • Memebers rate on a Rest, Relax, Recharge private Retreat in W. Dorset


The true value for all that is included in this programme is about £1,300.

Or, maybe the true value is much, much more if you think about how much you could spend on ‘searching’ for that something that is going to bring you fulfilment, happiness, contentment etc. – when in fact you are searching for a) something you can’t label or define, and b) if you don’t know what ‘it’ is then the likelihood is that you may be looking in all the ‘wrong’ places, or that you will not recognise it even if you were to find ‘it’.

Sounds like sales speak perhaps, but it is true. How much have you spent already searching for that ‘something’ that will make you feel good, bring you the life you dream of etc?

When I launch this programme later in the year I anticipate the investment will be £997, however for the 1 remaining ‘Pilot Programme’ slot, I am offering a special discounted price of £797.

I am offering that level of discount as this is a Pilot programme. The Pilot will offer me the opportunity to review and refine the programme based on our experience of working together and on YOUR invaluable feedback. I will be asking those on the Pilot programme to complete monthly feedback questionnaires and a questionnaire 2 months following the end of the programme.  I so value that feedback that I have reflected that value in the discounted investment price I am offering.


Interested But Not Quite Ready to Book, or Have Questions?

This is a BIG step, and not only financially! So of course you may have some questions, some concerns, doubts or even difficulties that you might find helpful to talk through. Why not book a FREE 1 hour clarity call, where you can get some clarity and a sense of whether this is the right time for you, and whether I am the person to share AND guide you on this part of your journey.

To book your Clarity Call – Please email me to register your interest, I will then send you access to my on-line diary, where you can schedule the time slot that works for you.

I am so deeply excited and honoured to be able to share this Programme and if you are a spiritually aware women who has had her Soul Profile Reading,  is yearning for a Soul-full life, where you are living ‘on purpose’ and making a difference in the world. Where you live from your heart and intuition, are more ‘present’ and in love with your life, then I would love to hear from you.

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