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Soul Awakening

‘Soul In Flow’ Programme - A Programme of Self-Mastery

Are you a spiritually aware women who knows she is here to do something special but as yet haven’t found out what ‘it’ is?

Has your ‘perfect life’ turned out not to be as fulfilling or rewarding as you thought, in fact it leaves you feeling cold and empty?

Do you have a yearning to uncover the 'real' you?

Do you have that deep desire to live on purpose, be of service and make a difference in the world, but as yet are not doing so?


Then my new ‘Soul In Flow' Programme might be your next step!

As a spiritual ‘seeker’ you probably feel, and know, that you have so much to give and you also have a sense and deep ‘knowing’ that there is so much more to this world than material wealth and '3D' living. Yet you seemed to be stuck living in a metaphorical ‘place’ where 3D is the Master, and where what you are doing, and how you are living, doesn’t make your heart sing, or, feed your Soul.

You will have tried many ways to overcome your heart-ache and longing. You will probably have been initiated into Reiki, taken spiritual or psychic development classes, practiced meditation and maybe even changed your eating patterns or said good bye to some long-standing friends or life-partner/husband, who just don’t seem to be on your ‘wave-length’ anymore.

And still your longing is not satisfied.

That longing and yearning I believe, is inbuilt in all of us. It is a hunger for a way of living and relating that we experienced eons ago in, for example, the times of Atlantis, Lemuria, or from the time of your Soul’s origination, when you first incarnated.

My intuition tells me that we have been ‘pre-programmed’ to experience these yearnings so that we can be ‘the ones’ who bring in the new consciousness - 'The new Golden Age’.  A time where we all work together, for the common and highest good, in harmony with nature, energy and each other, on a global basis.

'Soul in Flow' Programme

This programme offers spiritually aware women the opportunity to re-member who they truly are at a Soul-level, and to be guided, supported and held by an experienced and highly intuitive healer, channel, Akashic Record Reader and Mentor.

This programme will:

  • Reveal to you your Soul gifts and talents, those that, if expressed in this life time, will bring you untold joy, passion and a sense of deep fulfilment, and connection and Oneness. When we express our Soul gifts we step into who we truly are – we offer our unique help so that we can make a difference in the world.  We live a life that is in flow, is deeply rewarding and that helps humanity.
  • Clear the un-seen (Soul-level) blocks that have been hindering you, or taking you off-track, away from your Soul’s path and plan. Leaving you with a clear sense of who you are at your very core, a Divine multidimensional being. Opening you up to new ways of being and experiencing life.
  • Give you a personally tailored 21-day prayer request to ‘seed’ the Soul-level healing into your everyday life. Opening the way forward to enable you to live your highest potential, live ‘on purpose’, and to live from the heart and using your intuitive guidance.
  • Support - Rather than leaving you to navigate alone the new terrain that undoubtedly will present itself following your Reading, I will provide personal support for 6 months and this will include:
    •   12 x 1.5 -2 hour sessions to help support you in:
      • Healing any personality issues that are coming up for meeting, honouring and up-dating ('changing our minds' our limiting thoughts and beliefs is one of the most important aspects of healing and growing after all we create our reality through our intentions, thoughts and beliefs).
      • Clearing any energetic issues, for example, cutting negative energy cords, clearing negative attachments etc.
      • Taking new steps, making new decisions and taking new actions.
    • Follow-up calls between sessions
    • Weekly Remote Energy Healing Sessions
    • On-going E.mail support throughout the programme.
  • Growth Work - Exercises and process to enhance your development and your experience of the programme and your life.  This will be tailored to your specific needs and intentions and may include: Reading spiritual books, journalling, meditation, Morning Pages etc.

There is huge potential for new choices and decisions to be made. After all “if you do what you have always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten!" The thing is, the personality will steer you to old ways of reacting, of doing things, for they have been your natural ‘way’ up until now.   So for 6 months let me be your guide, helping you navigate this wonderful new terrain in new and Soul directed ways.

What The Programme Includes:

You will receive 12 Sessions in total and on-going email support for the 6 months of your programme.

The 1st session will be your Soul Profile Reading which will be via Zoom (allow between 1.5 and 2.5 hours).  A Soul level healing is included prior to the first session.

The 2nd session, also via Zoom, will be the Intention Setting session - where we can explore what specifically you would like help with, or want to create in your life.

Sessions 3 - 12  Will be 1.5 -2  hour, one-to-one sessions, either in person in Hampshire or on Zoom.

I know clients can sometimes be reluctant to have sessions via Zoom. However time after time I witness how quickly clients recognise that there is great value and ease in being able to have a session in the comfort of their own home.  There is no need to travel to a venue, and hence no time needed for travelling either.

They say that they find it really supportive to be able to just rest immediately after their session, cosy up on their own sofa and allow the energies to integrate. There is no rush and they feel safe and comfortable in their ‘own space’.

And of course with Zoom we can see each other too!

These sessions can either be healing, for example a realignment, a rebalancing of your energy and chakras, cutting negative energy cords or clearing negative entities, or they can be of a coaching / mentoring nature, or they could be sessions dedicated to deep emotional clearing that is done with the 'Journey', an inner-enquiry method of healing developed by Brandon Bays.

Follow-up Calls - We will have follow-up sessions after each session.  An opportunity for me to check in with you, and to offer any guidance or help, or to answer an queries you may have.  (I have found these follow-up calls to be an important part of the growth journey.  They offer a time to reflect and consolidate what has shifted from our session.

Weekly remote Energy Healing Sessions - You'll receive weekly energetic clearings, alignments, and healings to refresh your energetic system at each new level that you'll transition through on this programme.

On-Going E.Mail support – you will receive on-going email support between sessions for those times when you might have questions or want to chat about, or get advice on, what ‘comes up’ between sessions.

Growth Work -  You will also be given developmental exercises and practices to help support you throughout the programme and beyond.  These will be tailored to your personal needs and your intention.

Manual - You will be given a personally tailored manual that details all the process, information contained within your sessions.

Graduation Ceremonial Ritual - These are held in the Forest or on the Beach and culminate in a graduation lunch in a beautiful hotel in Hampshire. (Covid Restrictions and travel willing.)

About Me

I offer a depth and breadth to my work, to support, facilitate and enable others, which has come through my own ‘lived experiences’ as well as the many trainings I have undertaken.

I have lived through my ‘dark night of the soul’, I have ‘broken down’ and ‘broken through’ and have come out the other side!

I have been working as a Healer and Reader for over a decade and have had the privilege of training with some remarkably gifted and heart-centred teachers.

I am so excited and honoured to be able to share this new programme with you. I look forward to supporting and working with the heart-centred, spiritually aware women, who prioritise their spiritual growth and their life purpose, and, who feel guided to work with me.

To read my full biography click here.

About You!

You are most likely a spiritually aware women who is: passionate about living more consciously and from the heart; committed to living your highest potential; yearns to express her 'true' self and her Soul gifts – even if that means ‘delving deep’ and expressing deep emotions and truths.

Are you the ready? Are you ready to bare your Soul and… are you at that point in your life where you know ‘things have to change’.  You know, and feel, that you ARE READY to ‘step up to the plate’ and step into your DIVINITY, because you now recognise that the pain of staying where you are and living your current life is no longer sustainable for you.

The Investment

The investment for this 6 month programme is £6,999.

Let’s recap what you will be receiving in this programme


  • Soul Profile Reading Session 1.5 – 2.5 hours, Soul Level Healing and realignment, Personally tailored 21-day Prayer Request (personality level healing and realignment)
  • Intention Setting Questionnaire and Session
  • 10 x personal sessions – up to 1.5 - 2 hours (over the 6 month programme)
  • 10 x Follow-up Sessions- these are important guided  self-reflection sessions that enabled you to see how far you've come, how you've grown and changed. Many clients say these sessions are as rich and useful as the main sessions themselves. There also an important part of the Self Esteem wound healing.
  • Weekly Remote Energy Healing
  • On-going email support for 6 months
  • Growth Work - Personally tailored developmental exercises and inner enquiry questions.
  • Personally tailored Manual / Guidebook and Journal
  • Graduation Ceremony and Celebration
Bonus - Out with The Old and In With The New: Sacred Ritual.  A beautifully presented 98-page ebook course to prepare you for your life changing 6 month programme.

The investment for this level of transformation through reading, healings, tutuoring, mentoring and personal support is £6,999. (Payment plans are available.)

Ready to Step-Up and Book Your Place?

This is a big step and I honour your decision and commitment to growing, developing and following your Soul's path and purpose.   Please contact me to secure your place on this Programme.

Interested But Not Quite Ready to Book, or Have Questions?


This is a BIG step, and not only emotionally but financially too! So of course you may have some questions, some concerns, doubts or even difficulties that you might find helpful to talk through. Why not book a FREE 1 hour clarity call, where you can get some clarity and a sense of whether this is the right time for you, and whether I am the person to share AND guide you on this part of your journey.

To book your Clarity Call – Please email me to register your interest, I will then send you access to my on-line diary, where you can schedule the time slot that works for you.


Or perhaps you'd like to read what others have said about working with me.  Click here to read their comments....


I am so deeply excited and honoured to be able to share this Programme and if you are a spiritually aware women who is yearning for a Soul-full life, where you are living ‘on purpose’  making a difference in the world, where you live from your heart and intuition, are more ‘present’ and in love with your life, then I would be delighted to hear from you.












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