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Soul Awakening

Soul Realignment Session

book with key shutterstock_15253510A Soul Realignment Session consists of an Akashic Record Reading and a Soul level healing.

Working with her Spirit and Akashic Record Guides, Maia Ana will read your 'Akashic Record' to reveal your unique gifts, talents, purpose, life's theme and challenges for this life time.

She will also ask to be shown which blocks and restrictions have been preventing you from expressing your gifts and living your highest path and purpose in this life time.

As part of this reading Maia Ana will instigate a Soul level healing via your Spirit Guides and Council, to remove the blocks and restrictions that were found on your record.

To complete the healing process Maia Ana will provide you with a personally tailored healing Prayer Request, which is a powerful 21-day process to assist you to seed the Soul-level healing into your life and your 3rd dimensional reality.

After researching your 'Record', you will meet with Maia Ana will via Zoom where she will reveal what she has found.  This takes approximately 90 minutes and will be recorded so that you can refer back to it in future.

Maia Ana will send you a link where you can download the recording following your session.

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To Book Your Soul Realignment Session

If you are ready to book your Soul Realignment Session, you can do so by clicking on the PayPal button below.  You will be guided through the payment process and Maia Ana will email you to acknowledge receipt of your payment and to arrange your appointment.

Soul Realignment Exchange: £249

Term and Conditions

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Want to Learn Soul Realignment and How to Read The Akashic Records?

Are you interested in learning how to read the Akashic Records?  If you are you may like to check out my teacher's free webinar, or her website.

The training is very comprehensive and life changing!  It took me to new levels of my being and my connection that I didn't believe were possible.  You've been warned, lol.

Here's a short video about my experience of learning and being a Soul Realignment  Practitioner.