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Soul Awakening

Soul Sessions

I currently offer Soul-Level Readings and Healings and below are details regarding the logistics of those session.  For full details of the sessions please click on the appropriate heading.

The Soul-Level Readings - These readings are done via Skype (telephone) and so you do not need to be local to me to book one of these readings.  In fact, through the wonders of Skype, I am able to read for you where ever you are in the World - just so long as you have the Internet and Skype.  For full details of the different Soul-Level readings I offer, please click here.

Soul Healings - I offer Soul Healings in person in:

      • Hampshire (New Forest)
      • Hertfordshire

I also offer Soul Healings via Zoom.  Clients find these particularly powerful as they do not have to travel anywhere for their appointment.  They can sit, or lie down, in their own home, feeling safe and comfortable, knowing that once the session is complete they can just rest and allow the energies to integrate.

For full details on my Soul Healing Sessions please click here.