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Soul Awakening

Soul Realignment



Want to step out of confusion and self doubt of not knowing your next step?


Know this is YOUR time, and that you're here to make a difference BUT don’t know how to do that, yet?


You've tried so many things, none have been right and now your feeling paralysed and can't move forward?


Have you been searching for your purpose for eons and yet still don’t know what it is?



Then you are in the right place my darling.


Having an Akashic Record reading can answer all of those questions, and SO much more.

I’ve been an Akashic Record Reader for over a decade now and I help conscious Lightworkers, just like you, to clear your karma (what’s been keeping you from living on purpose) and reconnect to your Soul’s gifts, mission and purpose.

In this session you will FINALLY get the insights and the clarity you’ve been searching, and yearning, for - so that you can make the difference you know you are here to make.

You’ll have a clear understanding of your Divine gifts, and how to express them.  So that you can step into YOUR flow and YOUR abundance.  No more searching, not knowing - feeling anxious about what choices or decisions to make.  No more wasting valuable time and money.

You’ll know who you really are and have a clear direction in your life, your mission and your purpose.

You see knowing your Divine gifts brings such a deep feeling of reassurance, confirmation, and validation that it changes you energetically.  Your mind and your whole beingness is able to relax.

Your choices and decisions become easier and you'll have the REASSURANCE that your choices are now free of karmic influences AND that they are absolutely ‘right’ for you and your Soul's Divine blueprint.

No more wasting time or money on things ‘in case’ they’re gonna be THE ONE for you.

You see with this level of insight and alignment, your life's path and your future doesn’t have to be a mystery any more.


Are you Ready For This Level of Clarity?

Are you ready for this level of clarity, this level of energetic shift?

Are you ready to release what has not been working for you and step into a new way of being you?

If you are, it would be my absolute honour to ‘read’ for you and guide you on your next step(s).

Ready to Book?

If you are ready to book your Soul Realignment Session, (with recordings) click on the PayPal button on the LEFT below.

If you'd like a recording AND a beautiful document that details your Divine Gifts and Soul Group, then click on the PayPal button on the RIGHT below.

You'll be guided through the payment process and receive an acknowledgement of your payment - you'll  also receive the Registration Form and access to Maia Ana's on-line diary where you can select an appointment slot that works for you.


Soul Realignment Energy Exchange Soul Realignment Energy Exchange
with Recording with Recording AND document
£299 £315

What's Involved in a Session?

You'll receive an  Akashic Record Reading, a Soul level healing and Growth Work.

Working with her Spirit and Akashic Record Guides, Maia Ana will read your 'Akashic Record' to:


  • Reveal your unique gifts, talents, purpose, life's theme and challenges for this life time.
  • Uncover the blocks and restrictions (karma)  that have been preventing you from expressing your gifts and living your highest path and purpose in this life time.
  • Instigate a Soul level healing via your Spirit Guides and Council, to remove the blocks and restrictions (karma) that were found on your record.
  • Give you a personally tailored healing Prayer Request, which is a powerful 21-day process to assist you in 'seeding' the Soul-level healing into your life and your 3rd dimensional reality (Growth work).

After researching your 'Record', you'll meet with Maia Ana on Zoom where she'll reveal what she has found on your 'Record'.

This session takes approximately 60 -90 minutes and will be recorded so that you can refer back to them in the future.

What Previous Clients Have Said

If you'd like to see what previous clients have said about their 'Reading' experience click here.


Term and Conditions

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Want to Learn Soul Realignment and How to Read The Akashic Records?

Are you interested in learning how to read the Akashic Records?  If you are you may like to check out my teacher's free webinar, or her website?

The training is very comprehensive and life changing!  It took me to new levels of my being and my connection that I didn't believe were possible.  You've been warned, lol.

Here's a short video about my experience of learning and being a Soul Realignment (Advanced) Practitioner.