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Soul Awakening

Taking Care of No.1

Do you make time to take care of yourself?

Or do you put everyone else first, leaving you with no time or energy to do things for you.  After all that’s what being a good parent, carer, partner, good friend means, isn’t it?

Well, actually………

NO – and here’s why…..

You know when you go on a flight and Cabin Crew give their Safety talk – they always say “put the oxygen mask on yourself first BEFORE your child”.

You see if you didn’t, you would very soon become unconscious and wouldn’t be able to help your child or indeed yourself.  Furthermore,  someone else would now have to look after you and your child.

It’s the same in life – if you do not take care of your self as a priority, and yes I mean above your child, your partner, your friends, then you too could be of no help to anyone. 

If you don’t look after yourself, you will inevitable burn out and crash, and just like the plane scenario, you won’t be able to look after those closest to you AND you would need taking care of yourself, if you were to get ill or incapacitated in some way.


Putting Yourself First is NOT Selfish!


You see it’s NOT selfish to put yourself first – it’s you being responsible.

You must top up your own energies, your own resources FIRST – so that you are in a good ‘place’, where you are resourced, healthy and have optimum energy to do your work, help others and take care of your family, partner and friends.

It’s only when you are in this ‘good’ place that you can really make a difference!


So, How Do You Nurture Yourself?

There are many ways here are just a few of my favourites ones:

  • Walking in nature – particularly in the woods or forest – they’ve even now got a special name for it, as Research as shown how beneficial it is – it’s called Forest Bathing.
  • Play – when was the last time you let your hair down and played – its so restorative and fun too! Go try it out.
  • Have a Soul Bath – Take some time to have a delicious luxorious bath, with some Epsom Salts, coconut oil and your favourite essential oil(s).  Soak in the beautiful waters, surrounded by candles and your favourite gentle music.
  • Dancing – Doesn’t have to be formal dance with others you could put on your favourite music and allow your body to move and express itself.
  • Self healing, like Angelic Reiki,  or a self-healing meditation
  • Have a session of your favourite therapy
  • Take yourself off for a Retreat Day or weekend.


“The most selfless thing you can do is to fill up your own inner well.

When we are running around half filled, we subsconsciously look to things and people around us to give us the nourishment and nurturing that we so deeply crave.

Nothing can grow in barren lands. You are no good to anyone if you’re running on empty.”

Rebecca Campbell

“Work Your Light Oracle Cards”.




How do you nurture and take care of yourself?  I’d love to hear what you do, so please post in the comments below.

Take good care!

Soulful blessings,

Maia Ana

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