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Soul Awakening

Soul in Flow - Self Mastery Programme

"I'm finding better balance in my life, improved health and greater self love."


"Committing to the six month Soul in Flow programme with Maia Ana was a huge step for me and one that I am so glad I have taken. 

My personal growth during the programme has been immense and welcomed - even if unexpected in some ways. 

My approach to life and my outlook is very different now compared to before the programme and I am benefiting from finding a better balance in my life, improved health and greater self love. I have also gained a deeper connection with myself and understanding of how to work with my body and its energy flows due to Maia Ana sharing her vast knowledge in this area.

The structure of the programme provides a very nurturing, non-judgmental environment sustained over the six month period, one that has enabled me to explore a range of sensitive issues and really open up in ways I have been unable to before. 

Maia Ana has a remarkable ability to hold a very sacred, loving and supportive space and draws on her considerable experience in the energy field, and as a Journey Practitioner, to personally tailor each session for what I needed at the time. 

I have experienced some profound insights and healing experiences throughout the programme.

I am immensely grateful to Maia Ana for her patience, support and guidance over the past months.  I would completely recommend the programme to others and would certainly consider it again myself."

Alison Oliver, UK.


"Since the retreat I've been so much more positive"

Maia Ana, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my retreat.

Before coming I had been worried about the retreat, fearful of the unknown I think. I didn't know what to expect, even though you had explained it all to me when I booked. I knew in my heart that I needed to find out more about 'me' and my spiritual path and, that in the past, when I've worked with you my life has shifted in very positive ways.

Your welcome put me at ease immediately and I was amazed at how lovely our venue was. My room was an absolute delight, as were the views of the sea, the countryside and the wonderful fresh air. The breakfasts were absolutely delicious and I really enjoyed eating with you in the evenings.

I really liked the way we each had our own separate rooms and having sessions morning and evening worked well and gave me plenty of time to myself to reflect and to explore wonderful west Dorset. I felt totally pampered during my stay.

I felt so comfortable with the way you gently guided me to working out what I'd come for and what I wanted to go home with, as well as what I wanted let go of on our beautiful beach release ceremony which was such a wonderful way to end an amazing retreat.

Since the retreat I've been so much more positive, I've been able to put into action things I've been wanting to do for ages. Gone is procrastination and I'm really grateful for that. It means I can get on with my life in a more positive way.

I'm not turning to food the way I used to and I'm so much more patient and understanding with my partner. I can't thank you enough.

Your retreat was all I hoped for and gave me the perfect break and space to get to know myself better. It all felt so casual, there was no pressure and yet profound things seemed to happen.

Thank you so much for your kind, loving, accepting support. Not only did I feel pampered, I felt honoured, cared for, and gently guided. I came away with a sense of freedom and I would love to come back again next year.

Thank you for offering such a rejuvenating, relaxing and realigning retreat – its made all the difference to me and my life.

Love Gwyneth.

"I feel renewed, re-charged and ready to face the world again."

Adele Carby

I can't thank you enough Maia Ana for making my time on this Retreat in your beautiful little haven of love, peace, and tranquillity, so special.

I feel renewed, re-charged and ready to face the world again.

You are a truly gifted and powerful chanell. I have experienced some profound healing and experiences over the past couple of days and for that I am very grateful.

For anyone who is thinking of embarking on shedding a few layers, so to speak, I cannot recommend this Retreat enough.


"Feeling inspired to start looking at my life in a different way."

"I have been searching for an Akashic reader for a few months when one day, I came across Maia Ana’s site… and I just cried. The content on her website totally resonated with me, as did the Akashic reading which she did for me. Maia Ana is a spiritual teacher of great wisdom, who guided me through my gifts, choices and blocks and encouraged me to take on my life lessons and reflect on current choices, but in a compassionate way, leaving me feeling inspired to start looking at my life in a different way."

Mrs. M, Hertfordshire

"It was a truly Amazing life changing experience today."

It was a truly AMAZING life changing experience today!

I have been soul-searching for a long time now and seeking answers, and now I have the answers and MORE.  All the information you have given me was so insightful.  Every part we covered today was so accurate and I could relate to it all.

The information about past lives was all new to me but at the same time felt familiar and also shed light on a lot of issues I had experienced and made sense of a lot of things, it was like the penny finally dropped and the jigsaw was coming together.

I am so grateful for the work you have put into this! You have helped me hugely.

I am delighted with today's reading and I am excited, feeling confident and eager to work on the affirmations and tools you have kindly given me. I now look forward to my journey ahead!

Carolann Milne

"The Changes I've experienced over the process have been profound."

5107-maggie-smith web

Maggie Smith

This session was one of the most profound healings I’ve experienced.  The information from my session with Maia Ana far exceeded my expectations and I received a huge amount of information.  The information was delivered in such a way that I immediately had a meaningful overview and also an excellent starting point for any of the areas I want to learn more about.

The changes I’ve experienced over the process have been profound. The reading itself revealed so much useful and interesting information, the healing that Maia Ana undertakes as part of this experience was reassuring and the healing activity that follows initiates dramatic shifts in energy and understanding.  I feel completely different than a month ago before the process.

I found the process to be hugely informative, fun and transformational.  The initial healing and reading has provided me with the most profound insights into myself I’ve ever received and I’m excited about my continuing development as I follow the daily meditation that was my homework.  I’m more positive about the future than for a long time.

Maia Ana presents the information in a gentle, supportive and matter-of-fact
way and her continued healing and advice subsequently have ensured I’ve
benefitted from the experience in the best possible way.

Maggie Smith - Personal Development Coach and Motivational Speaker

"I am so very grateful for such illumination. Everything now makes complete sense."

Amanda on the rocks

Amanda Ard

I was both curious and excited to have a Soul Profile Reading, but as our session approached I noticed a wee bit of anticipation surfacing.  Rest assured, Maia Ana weaved through passages of time with a competence of a seasoned navigator.  My body recognised its delicate truth long before I was able to get my head around things.  So I was grateful for both her sensitivity and delivery.

I was aware that I might have fallen short with the 21-day prayer (homework) but actually it became part of my everyday routine.  What I found noteworthy, however, was the subtle yet undeniable discomfort and resistance as shifts occurred as I read the prayer.

It’s been over two months now since this insightful healing and I am so very grateful for such illumination.  Everything now makes complete sense.  Much love to you and the Higher Planes."

Amanda Ard - Intuitive Healer, Artist & Visionary

"I feel so totally free, so bless you Maia Ana."

My recommendation for a Soul Profile reading with Maia Ana could not come highly enough.  Her reading not only enlightened me to many things that were effecting me in this life from my past lives, but also helped me make sense of why certain things have happened in my life and my attitude towards certain situations.

Maia Ana is not only insightful, but extremely skilled at how she gives her reading, ensuring that every aspect is explained and the opportunity to ask questions is given at every point.  This is the first time I have had any readings from Maia Ana and I am definitely coming back for more.

If you are reading this testimonial, then you are being guided toward the healing and enlightening gift that Maia Ana has to offer, so please do not hesitate, as once you have taken that step your Soul will soar to new heights and you will finally be able to spread your wings and fly to attain your full potential in this life.  I can't thank her enough, I feel so totally free, so bless you Maia Ana."

Maggie, Cornwall

"There has definitely been a shift, a change for the better and I haven't had to do anything drastic."

Well, I completed the 21 days and hope I did it properly.  There has definitely been a shift, a change for the better and I haven't had to do anything drastic.  I'm waiting to see what's next with anticipation rather than hesitation, so thank you for your excellent session."

C. K.,  Surrey


"After a healing session I always feel my physical and mental energy to be stronger."

Joanne Ferris

Before a healing session I may feel out of balance and low emotionally.  After a healing session I always feel my physical and mental energy to be stronger.  I feel rebalanced and know that my life is on the right track”

Joanne Ferris - Angelic Reiki Master, Cruse Counsellor and Teacher                               

"She (Maia Ana) brings compassion, wisdom, a wealth and depth of experience and an extraordinary sense of timing."

Amanda on the rocks

Amanda Ard

What has made my healing sessions with Maia Ana so successful is not only her ability to be an accomplished channel of wonderful healing energies, but also her unique gifts.  She brings compassion, wisdom, a wealth and depth of experience and an extraordinary sense of timing.

I have always been blessed with insights during our sessions - some have taken me back to past lives and others have simply been metaphorical.  But with each healing session I have found resolution and completion.  Never once have I been left in quicksand, floundering with my emotions or grovelling for understanding over an upsetting predicament.  She is a Lightworker's Angel."

Amanda Ard - Intuitive Healer, Artist & Visionary

"I have felt such a peace inside myself that I think, absolutely without expecting it, that I may have just been healed from a lifetime of imbalance."


Leonora Butenko

I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful time you spent on my session last week. I was not expecting it to be such an emotional and moving experience - truly a healing in so many ways.

It is still early days to say, but I also think an amazing thing has come out of it - for the first time in my life I feel physically balanced within myself.  I have always been a very unbalanced and emotional eater, always struggling to find any middle ground at all.

Since the session, I have felt such a peace inside myself that I think, absolutely without expecting it, that I may have just been healed from a lifetime of imbalance (frustration, unhappiness).

For me this is an absolute miracle (as I said, it's early days, and I will certainly keep you posted on the results).

How do I say thank you for something like that?

Only from my heart! Thank you for channelling your energy in our session and thank you for your peace and understanding and thank you for your life choices that led you to the blessed place you are now. With thanks and love.

Leonora Butenko

"It took me a lot of courage to admit my problem and your non-judgemental support helped me to make my first step to well-being."

Let me express my joyful feelings and peacefulness. Once again, thank you very much for your kindness and understanding.  It took me a lot of courage to admit my problem and your non-judgemental support helped me to make my first step to wellbeing.  I strongly believe I will overcome my fears and problems with the love I received through you."

A.M, Edgware

Workshops and Courses

"Since I did this work, I have a lot more confidence in myself, courage to speak my truth.  I am a lot happier and people are treating me differently."


Isobel Gordon

Most of my friends have said that I look very well and that I seem to be much more comfortable with myself.  I know this comes from deep inside me and it feels fantastic.

I love the way Maia Ana teaches.  Each workshop is different as she tailors it to the needs of the group.  You always take away something new (even if you repeat the same level).  She has a real gift for bringing something special to each event that she runs.  It is a real privilege to study with Maia Ana."

Isobel Gordon, founder of 'In The Right Hands'

"Last week was so exciting for me.  It was so real and clear, I can't tell you how brilliant it was for me.  I feel like I have made a huge leap.  I also felt much more 'here' afterwards."