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Soul Awakening

golden angel ascendingThe shaft of light grew larger until it spread across the whole room.

She stood up and realised that the pain and tension in her neck and shoulders had gone.

"Now that was a miracle" she said out loud, to whom she didn't know.  She found herself laughing at the idea that someone or something was listening.

Somehow, strange as it seemed, she knew, no, she felt, that a 'presence' had heard her.

She felt an inner glow, her heart was warm and soft,  she hadn't felt like this before.  It was like all the past hurts had been bathed in light and had melted away.  The walls and barriers she had built up through years of self-sacrifice where dissolving like snowflakes basking in the winter morning sun.

Wow, she hadn't believed in Divine healing, well not until now!

She closed her eyes and felt the warmth and the draw of her own heart calling her to connect with these new feelings.  Openness and lovingness that was gently, yet profoundly oozing from the centre of her chest and from her whole being.

Still with eyes closed, she saw, well she imagined she saw, a silhouette made of golden light.  The silhouette stood before her tall, serene, majestic, radiating light.  Once again she felt herself thawing.  Her whole being was melting into this 'love light' that gently and completely engulfed her.

Resting in the embrace of love, gentle tears fell like morning dew gliding down blades of grass.

Time stood still - she found herself thinking "I am in Heaven".

Slowly her attention came back to the figure of light in front of her.  She silently sent her love and gratitude and felt this being receiving her blessing.  She then realised the being was also emanating love and gratitude to her.  Why would this being be thanking her?

A soft yet clear voice spoke "I have so much gratitude for you, you have allowed me to fulfil my destiny, my Divine purpose".

She looked around, who had spoken?  No one other than her and the being of light were in the room!

Who could that be she thought to herself?

In an instant the voice replied " I am your Guardian Angel, I am, and always will be, with you, supporting, guiding and loving you."

Maia Ana