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Soul Awakening




Dates: Thursday 18th and 25th November &
Thursday 2nd December, 2021.
Times: 7.00 - 9.30pm (GMT)
Location: Zoom
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AAA FB group members £135

Non FB group members £173

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❓ Do you feel like you don’t belong here (on Earth)?
❓ Or feel like you’ve been abandoned and are all alone here and no one really understands or gets you?
❓ Do you feel isolated or separate, even though you have family, friends and a loving partner around you?
❓ Do you feel different to everyone else and don’t feel like you fit in? I’ve felt all of these things all my life, until THIS year!
Even way back as a child I felt different, alone, like I didn’t fit in.
My parents loved me, in fact they doted on me I couldn’t have been more loved and yet I felt like I didn’t belong!
I remember at about the age of 7ish being struck by how different I was to my parents. Even at that young age I could see we saw life differently, had different ideas about the world and people, and I remember as clearly as if it were yesterday, thinking
"I must be from a different planet".
Little did I know back then how true those words would turn out to be!
Fast forward decades….. I was in my early 40’s that I woke-up. I’d gone through a breakdown and found myself with no energy and not being able do very much at all.
I stayed on my settee all day as I only just about had enough energy to wash and feed myself, and do my spiritual practice.
During a meditation I connected with my Spirit guide and was bemoaning how lethargic I was and that I didn’t have energy to do very much at all. My guide took me through a grounding ceremony. It was very beautiful and very vivid. I still remember it with deep fondness.
I was told that if I did the meditation they were going to guide me through, that I’d feel better within 10 days!
Umm I thought, really?
As I wasn’t able to do much else, I thought well what have I got to loose?
I did the meditation every day, and couldn’t believe how much better I felt after the 5th day.
I was flabbergasted. I was feeling so much better, I had plenty of energy, and, the proverbial ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ had gone on again. Phew. Grateful doesn’t describe how I felt.
I got a part-time job and the rest as they say is history.
I still do that meditation to this day. And, I follow my Spirit Guides request, to take every new client through a form of that Grounding Ceremony.
Another 10 years on….. I was having a healing / reading with one of my favourite spiritual teachers and we started to touch on some really uncomfortable feelings.
I vented how I felt abandoned and that I didn’t feel like I belonged. I’d never voiced those thoughts before and whilst it felt scary to, it also felt very healing.
He took me on a journey through the Universe to meet my tribe, my Soul family – something I hadn’t been expecting at all.
I’d love to say it was a fantastic meeting where I felt love and the closeness of being with my kindred folk, my Soul family. But I didn’t. I felt angry, rejected abandoned.
My healer encouraged me to speak out. Tears flowed as I get off my chest all the difficult feelings I was having, ones I hadn’t realised were there before. I ‘vented my spleen’, as they say, good and proper.
My Soul family listened and explained why I had been sent to Earth and what my mission was.
To be truthful I didn’t really care much, I was still reeling from the anger.
Eventually, having emptied out all of my feelings, I came to a place of acceptance.
I felt so much better for allowing my feelings to come up and out through my words and my tears.
I felt lighter, more at peace with a deep sense of calm.
Many years past….
Then earlier this year, two important things happened.
The first was my guide showing / telling me how the grounding we’ve all been taught is only half the story. He showed me a tent with only half the guide ropes. When the wind comes (life’s trials and tribulations), the tent flaps about and can even become uprooted. We've been missing the other guide ropes!
I was told “there’s a missing piece” one that we haven’t known about, up until now that is.
The second happened while connecting to a new guide. Once again I was taken on a journey to my Soul’s home, to the place where my soul first incarnated.
This meeting was so VERY different to the one years ago. This time I was open to connecting with my tribe.
Tears gently dropped from my eyes again, but this time from pure relief and joy.
I could feel my tribe, I even vaguely saw them. What was tangible was the love I could feel between us.
Each member of my Soul family came and to me and introduced themselves, each explained what their ‘essence’ was and how they would / could support and help me.
I felt a deep sense of belonging I’d never felt before.
These beings were just like me, we had the same ‘vibe’. They saw the real me. They REALLY knew me, deep down, and I knew them. We had the same values, the same desires, the same heart. I felt real Oneness with them.
That session changed me and it felt like that session completed a healing sequence that started all those years ago.
It’s taken me over 20 years to come to a place of knowing I belong that I haven’t been abandoned and rejected. To feel deeply loved, honoured and at peace with being here, knowing I am truly supported. I have a deep sense of peace with my mission and all that has called me to experience.
Knowing I have an eternal family, who love and support me, who gentle guide and steer me is so deep and profound it’s hard to articulate.
It feels like the jigsaw pieces have finally come together. Being able to feel safe here, to feel truly grounded and connected to Mother Earth whilst at the same time being connected and part of my Soul tribe.
This final piece in a long journey has led to the healing of my core abandonment wound. It has left me feeling a deep sense of inner peace, calm and reassurance. I feel safe, loved and wanted. I have a deep feeling of reassurance and all of this has lifted my self worth to new levels.
I feel supported in ways I’d never experienced before nor dreamed possible.
It’s been a very long journey and I don’t want it to be a long one for you too.
If you resonate with my experiences, have similar feelings or thoughts of not belonging, feel abandoned and all alone even though you’re family, friends around you, and no one really understands you? Then……
Will you come on a journey with me?
It wont be over decades, it’ll be over 3 weeks.

I’ve been guided to put together ‘The Missing Piece’ programme where I will guide you through your own Grounding Ceremony.


I’ll share with you the missing link in the grounding process, I’ll walk you through a healing session with your Soul tribe so you too can empty your heart of any heart ache, pains, or wounds.


You’ll get to say all things you didn’t know where stored inside you, that have created a wall around your heart.


I’ll also take you on a journey where you can meet with your Soul family, so you can get to know them, ask them questions and get the support you have wished and longed for. Where you too can be changed at the deepest levels.
If this resonates with you, and speaks to your heart I’d love for you to join a small group of other like-hearted Souls.
This programme:

Is 3 x 2.5 hours Zoom sessions that will be interactive and experiential.

Each will be recorded, so that if you can't make it live you can still take part.

There will be 'Growthwork' – which will be journalling and meditations to do between sessions.


If you're ready to take this journey with me, you can book your place by clicking on the appropriate PayPal button below.  I will email confirmation of your payment and your place.  The Zoom link will be sent out the week before the first session.

£135 £173