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7 Things I’ve Learned Living ‘On The Road’!

Well who’d have thought it? This true through and through Taureen, who adores her home, (after all its a Taureen’s castle), who loves to have and create a beautiful space that nurtures, relaxes and stimulates me, has been living out of her car for 9 months now!

WOW, is it 9 months, phew!

Yes my friends call me the ‘car lady’ as all my worldly goods (well those I need to live on on a day-to-day basis that is) are in my car. Of course all the big stuff and a lot of the small stuff too is in storage. But the everyday bits travel with me where ever I go.

What’s it been like?

Well, its been exciting interesting, adventurous, challenging, healing and a little scary at times.

You know it’s amazing how constantly being on the move can really loosen up those old rigid ways of thinking and behaving.

Bringing opportunities for new perspective, ideas, patterns and healing and growth.

What Have I’ve Learned on My Travels?

  1. I’ve come to realise that many of the things that I thought were important for my happiness are not.  It’s as if they, not all, have dropped away, they are just not important any more and my happiness is not contingent on them.

  2. That it is possible to feel at home wherever I lay my hat, or in my case, my crystal, and that’s been huge for me.

    You see when my dear Mum passed 4 years ago, I felt like my rock, my anchor in life had gone. Being left without any immediate family, children, or a partner, I felt lost, adrift. To my surprise somewhere along these past few months (and numerous healing and Journey sessions) that sense of being adrift has gone, something I thought would never happen.  Hurray.

    Thank God that has shifted, thank God indeed, because to feel safe in this world is one of the most important foundations for our Earthly life. Wouldn’t you agree?

  3. Living with the unknown!

    This has offered me a big, big lesson in trust and I’m pleased to be able to say that my trust ‘muscle’ has certainly been flexed and has developed during these past months. Do I live in complete trust 24 hours, 7 days a week, err no! But I’m there so much more than ever before and that feels fantastic.

  4. Where trust is, that’s where flow is too!

    Now this took me by surprise!

    You see I’ve come to realise that the times when I’ve been able to trust 100%, trust my self, trust the Universe and trust my intuition, that it is then when my life has flowed easily, effortlessly and oh so elegantly and, without loads and loads of efforting. Phew, it really is much easier to swim with the current than against it!

  5. Tough Love!

    Yes I’ve experienced this too!

    You see at the beginning of my adventure, my spiritual guest, my dearest friends threw open their doors and kept inviting me to come and stay. Being dear, dear friends they wanted to ensure I had a ‘roof over my head’.

    Time passed and things I noticed began to change. Some friends stopped calling, others stopped talking my calls – I guess in fear that I would ask to come to stay and then when we did speak they seen tense and edgy. I wondered if they were thinking “oh no, she’s looking for somewhere to stay?”

    There came a point where my dearest friend said “Don’t you think you should find somewhere and commit to settling down…. You’ve been wandering long enough”. (Echoes of my dear Mum ran through me – she’d be turning in her Grave I’m sure).

    Now, as the avid enquirer that I am, I pondered… was my dear friend right?

    Was I afraid of making a commitment or making a decision where to live next?

    But here’s the rub, when you live by your intuition and know that something just feels right, you, well me, have to follow that and as much as it is against my nature not to have a home, a solid, secure base, it feels absolutely right to be roaming free, for now that is.

    Of course my mind may not logically understand the whys and wherefores, but my heart has its own wisdom and I’m so grateful that I follow it. After all it is the ‘true compass’ and knows what is best for me.

    Now, that has not always been the case, so I can totally understand my friend and her worries for me.

    The words of Jesus pop into my mind….”Forgive them, they know not what they do”. You see she just doesn’t understand, and I get that. In fact, I love her even more for showing me the tough love (that I was so used to with my dear old Mum). I know this is my friends way of caring and that makes her all the more special. So if your reading this, and you know who you are, I love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring.

  6.  Judgement – Some friends have quietly judged me and I understand that too. Why? Because I’ve done exactly the same, what goes around, comes around, right?Many years ago when I first met my healing Mentor, she was living where spirit guided her to be. At first I often welcomed her into my home to stay. Then, after awhile I started to make judgements of her. Little did I know that Karma would bite me on the bum, so to speak.
  7.  The most profound learning and healing I’ve experienced through this time has been learning that I am so much more capable than I had dared believe. You know, when you step out of your comfort zone, and I certainly did that this year, you give yourself the opportunity to achieve things you didn’t know you could do.

    If you never try, you will never get to realise this.

    If you keep safe and keep ‘small’ nothing changes for you, or in your life.I’ve come to fully experience what they mean by the saying “Living begins outside your comfort zone.”

    Richly rewarding, exciting, fulfilling and challenging life definitely DOES NOT reside in your comfort zone or within the confides of what’s familiar or safe.If you take nothing else from these ramblings, I hope a chord has been struck, a light of recognition has turned on, or a penny has dropped for you, that to have the life you have been dreaming of, or perhaps you have been thinking it will magically come to you when I ………. get the perfect job, lose weight….. fill in the missing words for you, YOU will need to do something differently to what you have been doing. After all what you’ve been doing to-date has brought you the life you have now, right? Is it the one of your dreams? If it is that’s great. If not, what are you waiting for?

    So remember……..

“If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten”.

During these past months I’ve lived in a caravan, a holiday home, in Air B n B accommodation (where I’ve met some really lovely people). I’ve stayed in: friends homes; with distant family and in a Retreat Centre/Community.  I’ve even gone professional offering house and cat sitting services.

I’ve stayed in eleven different counties of the UK :

County Down, Northern Ireland


I’ve travelled to Hawaii, The Netherlands (twice) and now, in February 2017, one year after my trip to Hawaii nearly to the day, I’m off to Southern India, and can only wonder at what I will experience and what healing will take place there!


How Long Will I Keep Living Like This?

The truth?

I don’t know. Although I do wonder, as I mentioned earlier, if India is the ‘bookend’ to this year long pilgrimage?  I’ll just have to wait and see.

What I do know is that when I find the right place I will know it with every fibre of my being. And do you know what? The decision, the move, the commitment, will all flow with ease, be effortless and perfect in every way.

Then, I will be able to look back on this period of my life through different eyes and see how far I’ve come. No not in terms of miles, in terms of healing, awareness and growth and getting to know the parts of me that were hidden, were dormant or just under developed.

So its been a true coming home to myself and that is absolutely Amazing, what a gift.


If You Have Big Dreams, What Are You Waiting For?

No more waiting, that time is now. You’ll be amazed when you take the first step to fulfilling your dream or new goal, at how things unfold, how help appears and the next steps reveal themselves.

Most amazingly of all, you will have proved to yourself you can do it.

Go on you can do it, I promise.


Maia Ana


















  1. Sharon Curran on January 5, 2017 at 10:53 am

    Wow thank you for sharing the wisdom and learning that this journey has brought thus far. As a Taurean myself I know how important an anchor a physical ‘home’ is but I also recognise the importance of finding that sense of home within wherever you choose to lay your hat. Congratulations on stepping up to the challenge! I look forward to hearing what joys India have in store for you and will always cherish being a part of the start of the adventure in Hawaii. Interestingly, I’m also feeling a heart pull to India this year so another nod to our interconnected souls.

    With love and gratitude Soul Sister
    Sharon xxx

    • Debbie on January 5, 2017 at 11:06 am

      Oh Sharon thank you. Yes I also cherish the time we had together in Hawaii – so spontaneous, so soul enriching. You being there rounded my trip off in such a beautiful and connected way, thank you sweet soul sis-tar for following your heart and soul, jumping on that plane and coming to play with me and the dolphins. I look forward to watching how our journies unfold, and, just maybe, we will meet this time in India! Deep love and respect to you Sharon, for all you are and all that you offer. xxx

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