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Soul Awakening

Where Is Home?

When I was growing up I didn’t always find the ways of the world easy to understand, albeit I was only young, but still it was as if I was viewing life from a different perspective than most of the people who I was surrounded by, friends, teachers, peers and, perhaps most importantly, my parents.

I remember often thinking, ‘Gosh, I must be from a different planet to them’, them being my parents.  How is it that I had such a completely different set of beliefs and ideals to them?  For they had brought me up, informed my years of development and taught me a lot about life, as they role-modelled how to ‘be’.   And yet, even at such a young age, I clearly remember thinking and feeling different and yes at odds with them sometimes.  Don’t get me wrong, I was a very much longed for baby and my parents loved me very much, yet I felt fundamentally and deeply, different to them.stars and planet in purple

That wonderful book title ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ kid of sums it up for me.  In my case, my parents are from Earth and I am from?…Where am I from?……  WHO AM I?

Sometimes, in those dark moments when I failed to understand how things worked here, I would ponder, and in the recesses of my mind ask myself

  • When will I get to understand how it is here?
  • When will I feel really understood?
  • Why do I feel like I’m waiting to go home?
  • And more importantly, where is home?

I now wonder how many other people have had similar thoughts, experiences, or am I the only one?  Have you ever asked yourself that question ‘Where do I come from’?  Are you like me in that, forever, well this lifetime at least, you have known that you are not like everyone else here on Earth and that this planet does not really feel like home?

Thankfully after x number of years of life on this planet, I now have the answer and phew what a relief that is!

As a grown-up, a spiritually aware adult,  I have had a couple of opportunities to connect to the energies and folk of ‘home’.  And how wonderful that was.  There are no words that I know of to describe the bliss, the relief, the ‘at last’ feelings that I experienced, meeting and being with the kin and the energies of home. Being able to relate without words, without effort, struggle or strife all brought a huge sense of amazing relief.

In case you haven’t realised yet, I was deeply and profoundly touched by these experiences!  However there was still a piece of my ‘jigsaw’ missing.  I longed to have a deeper understanding of ‘home’, where it was, what it was called, what characteristics my Soul developed there and how those qualities are helping me in this lifetime?  I wanted to know who I truly am, not only as a human, but as a spiritual being too.  After all our fundamental essence is Divine and eternal.

Thankfully, this final, and in many ways, most important piece of my jigsaw, came when I had a Soul Profile Reading.  With every piece of information I was given about my Soul’s ‘home’, about my Soul’s Group of Origination, I felt its truth and when I feel, deeply feel the resonance, then I know that that is my TRUTH.

The information I was given in my Reading brought me an unfathomable sense of recognition, understanding, faith and deep, deep reassurance, for which I will be eternally grateful.  For now, at last,  I have ‘the full (jigsaw) picture’ of who I am and where my Soul first incarnated.  Where was that, where was home, I hear you ask?….

I am from the star Alpha Centauri.

Want to Know Where Your Soul is From?

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Soulful blessings

Maia Ana

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