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Soul Awakening



Christopher Sell - A beautiful Soul who channels Sananda and teaches Awakening The Lightbody and other inspirational courses.

Andrrea Hess - Andrrea is the founder of Soul Realignment.  A healing and reading modality that reads the 'Akashic Record' and clears the blocks and restrictions that have been keeping us from our Soul path and purpose.  You can see her free webinar here.

Korani - Wonderful Teacher and Practitioner of Colour Mirrors based near Salisbury,  Wiltshire.

Solara An-Ra - Pleiadean Ambassador and teacher of Opening to Channel.


Therapy Centres

The Meeting Room - Small and beautiful Therapy Centre in the heart of Kings Langley, Hertfordshire.



Colour Mirrors (formerly Colourworks) - A range of energetic 2-coloured bottles and one-colour sprays that gently and profoundly assist the healing and ascension process.


Spiritual Social Networks

Merlin's Diary - The UK's online Mind, Body and Spirit Events Wizard.

The Spirit Guides - A website to enable seekers to find spiritual resources quickly and comprehensively within their region. The aim is to give various types of information of where to go for spiritual support, events, articles and guidance under one site. Our hope is that we can point seekers to the spiritual pathway of their choice.


Business Tools

Amazing document Templates, that bring real beauty, elegance and magnetism to your Workbooks, Ebooks,  Challenges, Ecourses and Lead Magnets.

These Templates are ready for you to change to your brand colours.  You can insert your text and pictures.  Even the promo pictures are provided too (see pic below).  And no it isn't difficult, as there is a very clear step-by-step video to help you.  This has been a game changer for my business.  Click here for details.  Oh and there's great support too.

Here's the image of my Workbook made with the Template.

and my Soul Aligned Business Review Reports


Constant Contact - Offer easy to use EMail Newsletter templates whilst securely storing and managing your contact lists.  They also offer Online Surveys and Event Marketing.

This company have the best customer service I have ever experienced - their telephone help-line always resolves all my issues easily and effortless, even when the 'issue' is not theirs.  For a free (no tricks or catches) 60 day trial click here.

Health Hosts - Offer a range of easy to use professional pre-designed websites - allowing you control on input of text, pictures, links etc at affordable prices (no contract, just pay as you go, month by month).  Click here for more details.