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Soul Awakening

Grounding – What Is It And Why Is It So Important?

Grounding is the process of physically connecting ourselves to the Earth, to planet Earth. It means being firmly rooted. Ok! But…… Why is Grounding So Important? Well, let’s look at it first from a scientific perspective. If you think about it we are electrical beings, right! Parts of our body communicate through ‘electrical’ impulses. Now…

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Are You In Your Head, Your Body Or Somewhere Else?

This may sound like a strange question but you know we often don’t fully inhabit all of our body all of the time.  Sometimes we can get stuck in our heads and at other times we can energetically jump out of our body, either completely or partially.   Why would we do that? Well, being…

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My 6 Top Ways To Ground Guide!

My 6 Top Ways To Ground Guide! Here are the 6 top ways I use to ground myself. Why not try each in turn to see which resonates with you. Bear in mind though, that this might vary from day-to-day and will depend on how you are feeling and what you have been doing. Enjoy!…

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Energy Clearing Prayer

The original of this energy clearing prayer was first given to me by my healing Mentor.  It has since evolved and has been shared with many of my friends, clients and students who have found it to be profundly healing and clearing. It is a wonderful way to clear and set the energies in preparation…

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