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Soul Awakening

Work With Me

I help intuitives and Lightworkers, just like you, to realign with your Soul, so you can authentically express your Divine gifts from a place of ease and Grace.

I know you're called to help, to 'be of service', and that with all of your heart you want to be able to your unique gifts and talents to make a difference in the world.  And yet somethings still not flowing for you, in your life, or in your heart-centred work.

Perhaps you've been experiencing repeating patterns that 'press your buttons', or, you've been pushing to make 'things' happen which just doesn't bring you the results you yearn for.

It’s my passion and purpose to assist you in coming back into flow, to making a deeper, aligned connection to your Soul, to your heart and to your intuition.  And, to re-member your 'Divine' heritage and lineage. So that you can access, acknowledge and release your deepest innate wisdom, gifts, dreams and love.

If you are ready to step into your authentic power, into your Divinity and your ‘soul-full-ness’, it would be my honour to journey with you along your path. I'll hold space and energy for you so that you can witness, honour and release what’s been getting in your way, keeping you stuck and limiting your light from shinning brightly.  So that you can magnetise the life and your heart-centered work, with ease and Grace.

I offer several different ways of working with me:



I use many different intuitive healing techniques, which include: Spiritual Healing, Angelic Reiki, Colour Mirrors, Soul Realignment, Guided Meditation, Affirmations, Dialoguing, the Journey and my own unique Soul Matrix Rebalancing healing method.

Feel into your heart to seek the answer from you Soul for what is right for you now.

It would be an honour to share a part of your journey with you, should you feel guided to work with me.  If you would like to speak to me before choosing, or booking your sessions, then do book a Free Clarity Call....


Free 30 Minute Clarity Call

Not sure if I am the right person for you?  Or, may be you are not sure where you would like to start or have some questions?  Why not book a Free 30 minute Clarity Call so that we can connect and where I can answer any questions or queries you may have.  Please note, this session is not a 'reading' and is not geared towards 'making predictions'.

To book your Free Clarity Call, drop me an email and I will send you access to my on-line diary where you can select the appointment time that best suits you.


Want to Book a Session?

There are booking details on each 'Session' page - so click on the page of the session you are guided to and scroll down to the Booking Section.