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Soul Awakening

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I empower intuitive women, just like you, to realign their life and business to their Soul’s blueprint.  So that you can authentically and easily express your true gifts, passion and purpose. Whether that be in your relationships, career, spiritual or self-development or in your heart-centred business.

You see I know you're feeling the call to help, to 'be of service', and that with all of your heart you want to be able to express your unique gifts and talents and make that difference in the world you know you are here to make.  And yet something’s still not flowing for you, in your life, or in your heart-centred work.

Maybe you've experienced repeating patterns in your life that you just can’t seem to shift or change.  Even when you’ve left a relationship or job, you somehow end up in similar situations, again and again.

Or you've been pushing to make 'things' happen which just doesn't bring you the results you yearn for.

Or have you been trying to do your business they way you’ve seen others do theirs, or the way your coach has recommended for you, all of which has left you feeling exhausted, frustrated and with no time to live life.  You've been so busy ‘doing’, ‘ pushing’ and ‘shoulding’?

If this is you, the struggle is over, you are in the right place.

It’s my passion and purpose to assist you in coming back into flow. To making a deeper, aligned connection to your Soul, to your heart and to your intuition.  So that you can access, acknowledge and release your deepest innate wisdom, gifts, dreams and passions. Whether that be in life or your heart-centred business – so that you get to do it all YOUR WAY.


Are you ready to realign to YOUR WAY?  To you?



Together let’s get you to that place where you can flow, where you can magnetise the life and your heart-centred business clients through ease and Grace.

So that you can put an end to the struggle, the efforting, the exhaustion, the frustration and the poverty!!!

If you’d like to know more then book in for a FREE Clarity Call, I'd love to chat with you and explore if I, and my offerings, are right for you now……..


Free 45 Minute Clarity Call

Let's chat, so that you can find out more about how I work and I can find out more about you and what your searching for.  It'll also give us both the opportunity to see if we resonate and could work together?

To book your Free Clarity Call, drop me an email with 'Clarity Call' in the subject line, and I will send you access to my on-line diary where you can select an appointment slot that works for you.

I'm really looking forward to connecting with you soon!


Maia Ana