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Soul Awakening

The Journey

Journey with Maia Ana


Are you stuck in a rut – finding yourself experiencing repeating patterns?

Are you in pain or have an illness?

Is your life not going the way you want or had planned?

Are old emotional hurts still with you and you realise how they are impacting your life and relationships?

Is your life restricted by your own fears or phobias?

Are you weighted down by responsiblities and see no way out?



Are you at a place where you are beginning to realise that the change you want to happen needs to happen within you and not outside of you, but you just don’t know how to do that, yet?


Good.  I don’t say that to be unkind or cold, but because it means you are now in an empowered place where you can really change your life for the better.  Where you can gain true freedom from that that has been hindering you, so that you can co-create the future you deserve and the one your Soul chose for you this lifetime.

So, if you are ready to dive deep, then let me, and the beautiful and profound healing method ‘The Journey’ guide you.

Together we will go an inner journey where you can meet, honour, heal and release any old hurts, or limiting beliefs (the ones you probably don’t even know are there), and old behaviours that have been holding you back from living a full and happy life, having happy relationships or full health.

I have been working in the healing arts, and with energy, and meditation for over a decade and have received and given hundreds of sessions.

I will hold you in a safe, loving energetic craddle where you can open to the whole of you and meet that that is longing to be seen, heard, acknowledged, loved, forgiven and released. Then we install new beliefs, new behaviours that will support you on your Soul path and purpose.

My mission is to help humanity come home to their real selfs, the authentic shinning light of their Soul, so that they get to live a life of ease, Grace, joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Are you ready to come home to the real you? 

If you are it would be my honour and pleasure to ‘journey’ with you.  Below are details of the sessions and packages I offer.


What Sessions Do You Offer?

I Offer Help With:

  • Mind-set – Changing Negative Beliefs or Limiting Behaviours and Promises (Vows) – 1 hour session
  • Releasing Fears and Phobias – 2 hour session
  • Releasing old emotional hurts – 2 hour session
  • Pain and physical illness – 2 hour session


Changing Negative Beliefs or Limiting Behaviours and Promises / Vows
(1 hour)

These sessions are typically, but not always,  for people who have an idea, or an inkling, that what is not working in their life is due to some unknown (unconscious) limiting belief(s) or behaviour(s), or a vow they’ve made, ones that are keeping them ‘small’ or away from what they actually want in life.

Or they have a sense they might have made a vow (a promise that is made with strong emotions and energy) that is restricting their life choices and hindering them in some way.


Fears and Phobias (2 hours)

Fears and phobias can be very life limiting – the good news is that we can heal and release our fears and phobias without  having to go through a desensitisation process.  Through Journey work, you can free yourself of them, so that you can make choices and decisions from a place of love and potential, rather than fear and restriction.


Emotional and Physical Journeys (2 hours)

These sesssion allow us to access and heal old emotions that are impacting your life or health.  Once cleared your body’s innate healing mechanism is free to get to do what it does, heal and come back into balance.


Where Do you Do Sessions?

I offer sessions in:

  • Lymington, Hampshire
  • Fordingbridge, Hampshire
  • Via Zoom.

Session Packages and Prices


3 x 1 hour Session
Package + 3


3 x 2 hour Session
+ 3


6 x 2 hour Session
+ 6


Why Don’t You Offer Single Sessions?

It’s been my personal experience, and those of my clients, that to feel safe enough to really open into our deepest intimate places, there needs to be a level of deep trust with your Practitioner, and this takes time to build and establish.   This is why I do not offer single sessions, unless I have worked with you before.   (If we have worked together before, please email me to arrange your session.)

I do offer a free 45 minute, no obligation, Clarity Call, if you’d like to chat before committing.  You can see full details of the Clarity Call below.

How Can I Book?

If you would like to  go straight to booking a session, please click on the appropriate PayPal button above.  I will acknowledge receipt of your payment and email you a link to my on-line diary, where you can choose your first appointment slot that works for you.  We then book your subsequent session(s) at your first appointment.  I offer sessions during the day, evenings and some Saturdays.

Or perhaps you’d like to chat about your situation and find out if The Journey, and working with me, are right for you.  If you do, then why not book a free Clarity Call.  See next section for details………


Would You Like to Chat Before Booking?

Not sure if The Journey is right for you?  Worried you won’t be able “to do it”?  Or perhaps you want to see if we resonate before booking your session.  Then……

Why not book a free 45 minutes Clarity Call, where we can explore what you would like help with and whether the Journey is the right ‘tool’ for you.

Click here to email me –  just pop ‘Clarity Call’ in the subject box and when I acknowledge your email I will send you a link to my on-line diary, where you can select a time to chat that works for you.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Or, perhaps you’d like to read Brandon’s story first, of how the Journey method was born and how she healed her  basket-ball sized tumor.  You can get the free ebook version by clicking here.



What clients have said about ‘Journeying’ With Maia Ana


“A profound process that has had a deep and lasting effect in my life”

I had 3 Journey sessions with Maia Ana to help with some health issues that I had been experiencing and to uncover what might be underneath them.  I found her to be an excellent Practitioner, deeply intuitive and connected, able to hold a space that felt safe and warm and wise with her guidance when necessary.

I found the ‘Journey’ itself to be a profound process that has had a deep and lasting effect in my life.

I would highly recommend these sessions with Maia Ana if you are looking to uncover and release old patterns and traumas and live with a greater sense of freedom.”  Lucinda W.