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Are You In Your Head, Your Body Or Somewhere Else?

This may sound like a strange question but you know we often don’t fully inhabit all of our body all of the time.  Sometimes we can get stuck in our heads and at other times we can energetically jump out of our body, either completely or partially.


Why would we do that?

Well, being in our heads kinda goes with the territory of our current culture which values all things ‘mindy’, as it’s heavily focused on learning, logic, and reasoning i.e. ‘brain power’.

If we have a job that relies predominently on mindful activities it can be overwhelming, and we can then find ourselves living in our heads.

How many times have you been so involved with a project that you didn’t realise you were hungry, or thirsty, or that you needed to go to the loo?

How Do You Know If You’re In Your Head?

I’ve mentioned the most common signs above, here are some others:

  • You’re shallow breathing or even holding your breath and you’re not conscious of it
  • You get headaches / migraines often
  • Your ‘to do list’ grows and grows- that’s cos your mind goes hunting for things you haven’t completed or done yet, it wants to keep itself ubber busy
  • You find getting to sleep or staying asleep difficult
  • You wake up in the night with your mind racing – sometimes it’s giving you those aha moments and solutions to your day time problems. Others,  it reminds you of all the things you’ve yet to do or complete.

It can be exhausting living in your head and being cut off from your neck down!


So, How Can You Get Out of Your Mind and Back in Your Body?

Firstly you will need to become aware that you’re in your head OR that you’re not aware of your body! 

Then STOP what you are doing and….

a)  Consciously take your awareness down to your body – I like to focus on my breath or my feet. Experiment, and see what works for you.  Or…

b) Use this visualisation …. imagine a lift (elevator) in your head (brain/mind),  get in the lift and press the button to go down – I go to the ground floor level – meaning, in my case my heart – or you could make that represent your root chakra, your feet or even your Earth Star Chakra.   Or

c) Take a rest from what you’re doing – go outside and if you can walk barefoot on the grass or earth.

It’s only when we do stop and allow ourselves to breath, quieten and notice our body that we even realise that we’d been running on an ever spinning wheel of mental activity and busyness – and that can be VERY addictive so be aware!

Another Thing We Can Do Is Go Out Of Our Body!!!!


Many, many people do it, without ever realising. You can be part out, or fully out, and most times it’s actually not a conscious decision you make. It’s an unconscious reaction to a scary or overwhelming situation.

Have you done it?  I know I have, more of that later, lol.

What’s happening is you’re trying to get away, not from whatever it is that’s scaring you, but away from the difficult feelings that are rising up in YOU!

It’s a fear response, a coping mechanism – one that is often used when we are very young – afterall we don’t really have many options on how to deal with things when we’re small.  So back then it could have been the only way you had of dealing with your difficult feelings.

However, and here’s the rub, if we are still doing it in adulthood, it’s not really serving us. You see if we are not ‘in our body’ cannot be fully present, we can’t make full use of our senses, our intuition or our inner Sat Nav system which will always help us and guides us to what’s best for us.

Without those resources to support us, we will most probably make decisions from either a fearful place, or from a very young place, rather than an empowered, connected, mature and centred space.

I have a funny tale to share with you about not being in my body.

I was doing my first Healing Training at The College of Psychic Studies in W. London,  and our teacher was telling us all about being in our body as part of our Grounding module. She went round the circle of students asking them how grounded they felt they were. When she got to me I replied “Very grounded”, (I’m a typical Taurean and its just automatic, right? They’re famous for being grounded aren’t they?).

Well she took one sweeping look at my aura (she was a natural clairvoyant), and promptly said “No, your a bobber”.

Well, in that moment I could feel my shackles rising and a desire to ‘punch her lights out’. Now anyone who knows me, knows I’m not that kinda person, but I was so riled by what she’d said I had trouble swallowing down my anger. I sat there biting my tongue, literally.

She continued going round the circle of participants, checking their energy and letting each one know their grounding status, your ‘in’, your ‘out’, your a ‘bobber’ she’d say as she completed the circle.  I  was still sitting there biting my tongue (I’ve often wondered if she could see the energetic steam coming out of this Bull’s nose, lol).

I was just considering if I should give her some feedback when she said “And do you know that those people who are ‘bobbers’ will get really angry when you tell them that.” Well, I had to stop myself bursting out in hysterical laughter. There, proof indeed I was a bobber, lol.

Once I’d gotten over myself, I realised that this bit of information – this golden nugget as I call really helpful insights, was really really useful to know. She had brought it into my awareness, and so know I could make new and different choices.

Am I always in my body 100% of the time?  No, but I am most of the time, and, I now have the awareness to notice when I’m not, and how to bring myself back.

Ok, so what do you do if you notice you’ve bobbed, or you are out of your body?

One of the ways that you can get yourself back in is by Grounding….

Please read my separate blog post on Grounding and why it’s important for your health, your well -being and for your spiritual connection,  click here……..

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